Cody Rhodes Says Ring Of Honor Has Better Growth Potential Than Impact Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling

Cody Rhodes was a huge WWE star who left the company last year when he was discouraged by their direction of his character. When he left, Rhodes made a list of names that he wanted to wrestle and has accomplished competing against almost all the names on his list. That includes stops in Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Professional Wrestling, among others.

Cody Rhodes appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and was asked about working for Impact Wrestling. Rhodes said that he enjoyed working for the company and that it was a fun TV show, but he is finished with his deal and has moved on to other promotions that he wants to wrestle in.

As previously reported, Impact Wrestling will hold their Slammiversary pay-per-view tonight and then rebrand itself as Global Force Wrestling. When it comes to the changes and the optimism for their future, Cody Rhodes said that it is hard for him to get on board with that idea of optimism.

Cody Rhodes mentioned that, when he first hooked up with Impact Wrestling, he met and loved Dixie Carter. Soon, Billy Corgan came in and promised big changes, but was soon forced out by Carter. Rhodes said he loved Corgan too. Finally, Carter sold the company to Anthem Sports, who kicked her out and brought back Jeff Jarrett, who Cody said he loves as well.

"When it comes to Impact, I usually stick to myself as far as I just try to bring what I do everywhere just to the Impact scene. It is hard to get on board with set, 'this time, this reboot is better than the last reboot'."
Cody Rhodes Says Ring of Honor Has Better Potential Than Impact Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling
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After that, Sam Roberts asked Cody Rhodes about the growth potential of Impact Wrestling once it changes its name to Global Force Wrestling. When Cody was asked to compare it to Ring of Honor, who he has also worked for, Rhodes said that he thinks that Ring of Honor actually has better potential for growth than Impact Wrestling or Global Force Wrestling.

Cody Rhodes said that the partnership between Ring of Honor and New Japan Professional Wrestling is something that has really helped the growth of Ring of Honor. Also, comparing it to mistakes made by Impact Wrestling, Rhodes said that Ring of Honor has never tried to be bigger than they really are.

Cody Rhodes Says Ring of Honor Has Better Potential Than Impact Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling
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Don't expect Cody Rhodes to sign an exclusive deal with Ring of Honor, or with Impact Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling or New Japan for that matter. Cody said it will take a lot of money to get him to sign an exclusive deal with anyone anymore because he doesn't want to work anywhere exclusively.

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