'BB19' Backdoor Shocker: Veto Ceremony Brings Fireworks, Fights Inside 'BB19' House Between Nominee And HOH

A BB19 backdoor plan just got carried out at the Very Ceremony. New Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds revealed the results of the Veto Ceremony, where Head of Household Cody Nickson carried out his secret plan. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cody was working with nominee Alex Ow on a plan to backdoor an unsuspecting houseguest. He used only part of that plan, though, as he didn't go with a nominee that Alex had agreed to put on the block.

The CBS live feeds were turned off for about an hour on Sunday (July 2) for the first BB19 Veto Ceremony to take place. They just came back online and it was revealed that Christmas Abbott is the new target for eviction. Christmas is really mad about what just took place and is letting everyone in the BB19 house know her feelings about the situation. If nothing else, this is going to provide some great television when it airs on the Wednesday episode (July 5) of Big Brother 19.

So what happened to allow this BB19 backdoor plan to get carried out? Megan Lowdy decided to self-evict herself from the game, forcing Cody Nickson to name a replacement nominee. He went with Alex Ow as his choice, putting her on the block next to Jillian Parker. At the first Big Brother 19 Veto Competition, Alex ended up securing the Power of Veto. She then came up with an idea to use the Veto to save Jillian and convince Cody to nominate Jason Dent as the replacement.

Cody just discovered that Paul Abrahamian has three weeks of safety after America awarded him with the Pendant of Protection. While it hasn't been made clear on the live feeds yet, it appears that Cody tried to put Paul on the block, only to discover that Paul was safe from eviction for the first three weeks. It may have forced Cody to make a bold decision at the last moment when he revealed that Christmas Abbott would be going on the block. Now Christmas is yelling at everyone in the BB19 house that will listen to her, which includes verbal fights with HOH Cody.Not only has Cody now angered Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott, he may have turned their respective alliances against him. That's the life of the Head of Household, though, as it's always difficult to predict how decisions are going to play out in the long-term aspect of this game. These fresh Big Brother 19 spoilers are definitely going to be the hot topic on social media for the rest of the weekend. Moving forward, it's Christmas Abbott against Alex Ow to decide who will be the third BB19 cast member to get evicted this season.

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