Kurt Angle Talks WWE Match Possibilities If He Makes An In-Ring WWE Return

When fans learned the WWE was inducting Kurt Angle into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class many wondered if an in-ring WWE return was far behind. The night after WrestleMania 33, Vince McMahon introduced Kurt Angle as the new WWE Monday Night Raw general manager and the rumor mill lit on fire.

In an interview with Channel Guide Mag, Kurt Angle talked about a possible in-ring WWE return and said that he hopes it will eventually happen down the line. Angle then talked about who he would like to wrestle if he makes a return as an active wrestler.

Kurt Angle WWE Dream Matches

When looking at the possible competition, Kurt Angle said that he would love to have some rematches against wrestlers he had worked with in the past. Names like Brock Lesnar, who Angle had an amazing WrestleMania match against were on the list. John Cena, who made his WWE debut against Kurt Angle on SmackDown many years ago was also listed.

Other names include two men he wrestled in TNA Impact Wrestling - Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Names of wrestlers that Kurt Angle has never competed against that he would love a chance to fight include Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Roman Reigns, and Sheamus.

However, one name on the list is one that will almost surely happen if Kurt Angle makes a WWE return to the ring. That name is Triple H.

Kurt Angle Talks WWE Dream Matches If He Makes An In-Ring WWE Return
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When delivering his list, the only name he went into detail on was Triple H. This is interesting because there are strong WWE rumors right now that Triple H vs. Kurt Angle could take place at WrestleMania 34.

"When I wrestled Triple H last time I had just started. I didn't consider myself very good back then. So I think we would have a much, much better match right now."

How Can Kurt Angle Return To WWE Ring

The possibility for this big match has already been set up on WWE Monday Night Raw. Color commentator Corey Graves has been involved in an angle with Kurt Angle where someone is either posting or sending information about Angle that could "ruin his career." Rumors indicate that is former Raw general manager Stephanie McMahon and it could set up the Triple H match down the line.

Kurt Angle Talks WWE Dream Matches If He Makes An In-Ring WWE Return
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However, before this could ever happen, Kurt Angle said that he has to pass the WWE physical. Wrestling Inc interviewed Kurt earlier this year and Angle said that the WWE wasn't wanting to push him out there too fast and just wanted him to work the general manager role for now. However, even then Angle said that he wanted to try to prove he could still wrestle.

Kurt Angle has said that he thinks the WWE is testing him out with the general manager role and if he proves he is reliable again then the sky might be the limit for the former WWE champion.

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