Pennsylvania Road Rage Killer Of Bianca Roberson Identified As David Desper, Suspect Jailed Without Bail

The police finally have in its custody, the road rage shooter that killed 18-year-old Bianca Roberson in Chester County. The suspect identified as David Desper reportedly surrendered at 2 a.m. on July 2.

He was immediately charged and detained at the Chester County Prison without bail. The 28-year-old Desper is from Delaware County, and he turned himself in after the suspects were narrowed down and it included his name.

NBC Philadelphia reported that Desper was charged with 1st-degree murder in addition to recklessly engaging others and possessing an instrument of crime.

Moreover, shortly after announcing the charges against David Desper, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said the following during the news conference at the West Goshen police station.

"This is a story of a savage of senseless murder."
The fatal shooting happened on Wednesday, June 29, in West Goshen. Police Chief Joseph Gleason narrated that Roberson and Desper were trying to merge into a single lane on the highway and none of the two was said to be giving way, and this sparked the conflict.

Apparently, the 28-year-old Delaware man did not like the situation and was totally irked. He suddenly pulled a gun and shot Roberson, who died on the spot.

Responding police found Roberson's green Chevy Malibu in a ditch as it apparently veered off the road after the incident. On the other hand, Desper, who was driving his red pickup truck, quickly fled the scene.

According to Fox 29, the authorities proceeded to check David Desper's Trainer home, and they found the red pickup in the vicinity. The truck was registered to the suspect, and it was brought to Chester County for further checking. It was reported that the Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun used in the crime was also found in the home.
Before David Desper's surrender and arrest, the Chester County police offered a $5,000 reward for any information that will lead to the killer. Numerous tips about seeing the red truck started to pour in since the announcement.

Bianca Roberson is a new high school graduate from Bayard Rustin High School. This fall, she was supposed to enroll at Jacksonville University in Florida for her college education. Meanwhile, the members of her family and friends held a vigil in her memory on Saturday night.

[Featured Image by West Goshen PD/Twitter]