Trump Approval Rating Worldwide Plummets, Canada Snags Number One Spot

Donald Trump's approval rating today has plummeted again to 36 percent job approval according to Gallup. But the biggest problem for Donald Trump and the United States is that the Trump approval rating is much lower worldwide.

Newsweek reports on a Pew Research Center poll that has the worldwide Trump approval rating today at 22 percent. But worse, Forbes reports that a survey by the Reputation Institute of almost 40 thousand respondents worldwide has the United States dropping 10 spots in the world to number 38 on a global reputation scale, while Canada snags the number one spot.

The United States is dropping in reputation worldwide for a number of reasons, and Donald Trump is a big cause. Meanwhile, Canada has the "best" reputation worldwide according to the respondents in a Reputation Institute survey.

It's a title that Canada has earned before, but lost last year to Sweden. This year, Canada is number one in the world, with Switzerland taking the number two spot. The United States dropped from the number 28 spot to the number 38 spot in this world-wide reputation survey. Forbes Magazine says that under President Barack Obama, America's global reputation was much more respectable.

Forbes reports, Fernando Prado the managing partner of the firm that ran the global survey says, "the cause of the downturn can be attributed to the ascent of U.S. President Donald Trump."

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But, just ahead of Canada's 150th birthday, Canada received a birthday present in this survey by earning the number one spot in the world. Fernando Prado says Canada is considered the best in the world on many factors, and the United States is declining in reputation rapidly.

"The reality is that perceptions toward the United States, internationally, are really coming down. In some rational attributes, but a lot in the emotional perception of the country."

The attributes that the Reputation Institute measured were government, economics, ethics, responsible participation in the world, operative efficiency, and whether or not the country is perceived as a friendly and welcoming place.

The poll was conducted on almost 40 thousand residents worldwide, all members of the G8 nations. The G8 nations are France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, the United States, and Canada.

The measures that the United States is dropping on include all of the above-named measures. Regarding effective government, the U.S. dropped 21.6 percent.

The United States dropped on progressive policies by 11.8 percent, on ethics by 11 percent, on responsible participation in the world by 9.2 percent, and on efficiency of operation by 5.8 percent. As far as being considered a friendly and welcoming place in the world, the United States is down 4.1 percent.

This news for the United States came the day after a Pew Research Center poll that showed the worldwide Trump approval rating is 22 percent. Newsweek reports that the sinking Trump approval rating worldwide "is affecting confidence in the country."

In the Pew Research Center poll released this past week, respondents described the United States president as "dangerous, arrogant, and intolerant." Pew Research examined 37 different countries, and 74 percent of the countries stated they had no confidence in Donald Trump.

Compared to President Barack Obama's 64 percent approval worldwide, Trump's favorability across the world is 42 points less than his predecessor.

Newsweek reports that American allies are where the United Stats has lost the most value regarding confidence. Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada are reportedly the countries where the United States has lost the most confidence.

Mexico has also lost confidence in the United States as a result of Trump, with only five percent saying they have confidence in Trump. Ninety-four percent of Mexicans oppose the Mexican wall plan that Trump has proposed. Seventy-six percent of people across 37 countries disapprove of Trump's idea to build a wall.

Donald Trump has built his entire campaign and his Administration around an "America first" mentality. But America is no longer first in the world, on anything, and it's costing Trump and America their reputation worldwide.

Newsweek notes that withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord also drastically and negatively impacted the United States global rating. It was a decision that "received condemnation internationally."

Newsweek reports that Trump's reputation is very similar to George W. Bush's numbers when the American global reputation "took a severe hit." Also worth noting is the notion that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a higher rating than Trump's approval rating today. Putin is viewed with 27 percent favorability on the global scale, five points higher than Trump's.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had an approval rating of 42 percent globally, which was comparable to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's. Right after the November 2016 election, Trudeau's approval rating in Canada alone shot up to 58 percent reports the Toronto Sun, but is now around 42 percent in Canada alone.

Regarding Donald Trump's approval rating globally, Newsweek notes that 75 percent believe him to be arrogant, 65 percent say he is intolerant, and 62 percent of respondents across the globe find Donald Trump to be dangerous.

Only 26 percent of respondents in the G8 countries believe Trump is qualified for the job of President of the United States. Newsweek also reports that in addition to these poor Trump approval ratings, the two countries that do view Trump as favorable are Russia and Israel.

Fernando Prado of the Reputation Institute says,

"The U.S. has a very strong negative emotional halo which is the difference between emotional interpretation – admiration plus respect – and the rational one based on specific attributes."

And although Russia appears to be giving Donald Trump's approval rating a thumbs up on favorability, the Russian spot in the world is also dropping along with the United States reports Forbes. Where the United States ranks as 38 in the world, Russia ranks in the 51 spot.

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Factors such as Russian policy against Georgia and Ukraine play a significant role in that, but so does Russia's perceived alignment with the United States president. Brazil recently protested against both President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump in the annual Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last month.

Fernando Prado of the Reputation Institute says, "The attributes in which Russia is going down more sharply are ethical and as a responsible participant in the global community."

The United Kingdom also saw a decline in global favorability after Brexit. The United Kingdom's Prime Minister Theresa May has also been criticized by her citizens for not taking a louder stance against Donald Trump.

All of this is a great birthday gift for Canada who is celebrating its 150th birthday. In addition to global worldwide popularity, Canada also is ranked high on "self-love" with Canadians rating their own country's reputation at 87 percent approval. That number is also higher than any other country on the scale.

Although Donald Trump's approval rating noted by Gallup is at 36 percent, he clearly still has a lot of work to do to improve the global image of America. Being compared to Russia favorably, and being liked by Russia amidst a significant Trump Russia scandal in America, is not helping Trump's approval rating, or America's, worldwide.

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