Obama Secretly Working -- Will New Reveal Calm Woes Of Peeved Dems?

If it looks like Barack and Michelle Obama have gone from one luxury vacation to another since leaving the White House, that's because they have, with just a few stop-overs for a speech here and there. Some members of the Democratic Party have taken notice of Obama's lack of involvement since leaving office.

This comes at a time when the Democratic Party is in dire need of finding a feasible candidate to groom for the 2020 election. The closest person they have to a "leader" right now is Nancy Pelosi, who seems to be the face of the Democrats these days.

Obama hasn't been dormant, he's been working behind the scenes all along, which is what sources close to the former president are saying today, according to The Hill. This new reveal indicates that Obama is working behind the scenes attempting to rebuild the Democratic Party via meetings with "a handful of House and Senate lawmakers" in his D.C. office and over the phone.

These interactions with the former president have been by request only. This news comes on the heels of Democrats starting to stir with woes that Obama may have been making an effort to distance himself from the party. Concerns were emerging that he's distanced himself in lieu of living the high-life hopping from one luxury resort to another in far away lands.

Obama hasn't had much public exposure when it comes to politics since leaving office. This is explained by a "source close to the former president." The source suggests, "He [Obama] doesn't want the focus to be on him. He doesn't want to be out in front."

This latest report of Obama secretly working behind the scenes seems to counter the claims that he is distancing himself from the party these days. While many from the Democratic Party have openly suggested that Nancy Pelosi needs to go, there's no one to step up if and when she does.

As Politico reported, Pelosi isn't planning on going anywhere despite the calls from her own party members for her to step down. This is where the Democratic Party stands today. With Pelosi as the leader of the party, nothing has changed since Hillary's ill-fated election.

According to AOL News, "Some activists on the left see these trips as Obama trying to distance himself from the Democratic base." While these vacations have been noted by the masses for a while now, it's the Democrats who are starting to speak up about the luxury vacations that Obama has flaunted since leaving office.

These aren't just getaways, but vacations that are traditionally only afforded the very rich and famous suggests AOL's sources. A previous article from the Inquisitr suggests that the Democrats are not only "disillusioned" by Obama's high-end vacations, but they're also a bit put off by the massive fees that he commands for speaking engagements, which are said to be up to $400,000 a pop.

According to The Hill, they were told that David Simas, who is Obama's former political adviser and now the CEO of the Obama Foundation, has also been stepping in to help. Simas has been getting in touch with the DNC officials via a "string of calls." Still, there is no word on the Democrats getting any closer to bringing someone up through the ranks as their 2020 hopeful.

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