'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Cody Nickson Ready To Shift Backdoor Plans, 'BB19' House Has New Eviction Target?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from late Saturday night (July 1) reveal some interesting information. The BB19 house has already played out the Veto Competition but has not yet had the Veto Ceremony. The CBS live feeds just showed a conversation between Jason Dent and Paul Abrahamian, where they discussed the possibilities of a backdoor plan getting laid out by Head of Household Cody Nickson.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a lot has taken place inside the BB19 house over the past 48 hours, including the Veto Competition and the choice of a replacement nominee going up on the block. The Big Brother 19 spoilers that most fans know by now are that Megan Lowder self-evicted from the game and Alex Ow was selected as a replacement nominee. Alex is now on the block beside Jillian Parker, with both ladies at risk of going home at the "live" Eviction Ceremony on Thursday (July 6).

This is where things get tricky, as earlier in the evening on Saturday, Cody Nickson and Alex Ow came to an agreement on how the Power of Veto was going to be used. Alex won the Veto necklace and told Cody that she would use it to save Jillian if he agreed to her choice of a replacement nominee. He told her that he liked the plan and once Alex saved Jillian he would be placing Jason Dent on the block.

Some fresh Big Brother 19 spoilers might just throw those plans constructed by Alex Ow out the window. Alex somehow figured out that Cody wasn't going to go with her plan to evict Jason and that he would instead use this opportunity to get Paul Abrahamian out of the BB19 house. It would be a really intense double-cross if that was depicted on the Wednesday episode (July 5) of the program. It certainly wouldn't surprise many fans of the show if the new cast tried to figure out a way to quickly evict the only returning houseguest.So would Cody Nickson really turn away from the plan he made with Alex Ow? Was it always his intent to make sure that he put a backdoor plan in motion to make sure that Paul Abrahamian got evicted from the BB19 house as soon as possible? These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers certainly seem to prove that Cody really does want Paul out, but it's always possible that he is just playing mind games with some of the other houseguests in order to make sure that the eviction vote goes the way he wants it to.Cody Nickson definitely has control of the BB19 house right now and his showmance with Jessica Graf has turned them into a power couple. There is a lot of the season left for Cody and Jessica to prove that they have what it takes to win the cash prize, but they have certainly started alienating viewers and live feed subscribers. Social media posts have not been kind to either of them, especially after Cody made a number of disparaging remarks about transgenders.

If producers fall into a familiar pattern for when events take place in the game, then the Veto Ceremony would take place on Monday (July 3). At that point, subscribers of the live feeds will have some definite answers to all of the current questions. The facts known for sure are that Alex Ow and Jillian Parker are the two nominees, but that Alex won the Power of Veto and can now save herself or Jillian. If that happens, HOH Cody Nickson has to announce another replacement nominee. Following that long-awaited Veto Ceremony, more Big Brother 19 spoilers will hit social media.

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