‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 98 Preview Analysis: Universe 9 Might Retire Next Week

The Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super is well underway, and with Episode 97, the Tournament of Power has also begun at last. While Ep. 97 featured a number of compelling moments, it was the NEP for DBS Episode 98 that truly captured the interest of numerous viewers and avid fans of the hit anime. If the preview for next week’s episode is any indication, it appears that one of the participating universes might end up retiring very soon.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98, “Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!!” is only the second episode of the actual Tournament of Power, the previous episodes in the Universe Survival Arc being dedicated to the recruitment of representative fighters for the grand multiverse competition. With all 80 participating fighters fighting each other starting on DBS Episode 97, however, it seems that it would only be a matter of time before a number of formidable fighters would be forced to retire from the tournament.

While Toei Animation has not revealed the official summary for next week’s episode, the NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 seems to suggest that Universe 9 would soon be having a huge fight on their hands. According to Son Goku’s voiceover in the short teaser, he and Vegeta would be taking the battle to Universe 9 to settle things once and for all. This, of course, does not bode well for the U9 representative team.

The first scenes of the DBS Episode 98 preview showed Goku fighting with various fighters, including Bergamo and Lavender of Universe 9. From what could be determined in the short preview, the Saiyan would be able to handle the challenge from his many opponents without any problem. Vegeta, for his part, also appeared to be beating a massive fighter.

Numerous interesting scenes were interspersed with each other in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 preview, including the gods being impressed with the battle and the two U7 Saiyans going Super Saiyan against their opponents. Considering how powerful and experienced the two Saiyans are, things do not look good for their opponents at all.

In a lot of ways, it appears that Dragon Ball Super is building up Universe 9 to be the sacrificial lamb in the Tournament of Power. In Episode 97, Basil, one of U9’s strongest fighters, was featured to be performing well against his opponents, even scoring the tournament’s first elimination against a fighter from Universe 10. This, of course, could foreshadow that the powerful kicker would be eliminated soon himself, as predicted by the franchise’s fans in online forums such as Reddit.

Anime has a tendency to build up characters before taking them down. In the case of Dragon Ball, this has happened in the past, with some fighters being given a heroic moment before falling in battle. Thus, based on Basil’s performance and Universe 9’s current effectiveness in the battle royale, it seems that the team would be ripe for the picking in the next few episodes.

The fact that Goku and Vegeta would be dealing with Universe 9 is well justified. Over the course of the Universe Survival Arc, U9 has been depicted as a dirty player. Its God of Destruction and its Kai are questionable at most, with both willing to do underhanded tactics in order to get the better of their opponents.

If any, the Tournament of Power needs to prove its seriousness in the next couple of weeks. There is no better way to do this, of course, than to have one universe eliminated from the battle. If the Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 preview is any indication, it seems like Toei Animation has already decided which universe would get the ax before everyone else.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]