Texts Reveal ‘Southern Charm’ Is Faked! Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis Reconciliation Staged

Despite being in the middle of a heated custody battle, Kathryn Dennis dropped a major bombshell during the Southern Charm finale and admitted that she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel. Are they just faking a reconciliation for the cameras?

According to Radar Online, Dennis and Ravenel have been fighting ever since their shocking split in 2016. In fact, the reality stars are currently in the middle of a custody war over their two children, Kensie (3) and St. Julien (1), and are due in court in the coming weeks. Their feud hit a low point after Dennis slammed Ravenel for alienating her and doing drugs in front of the kids.

Despite all the drama, the two got a little frisky in a sneak peek clip for the season finale. At one point in the video, Ravenel tells Dennis that she has “sexy lips” and should wear silk clothes more often. In response, Dennis rolled her eyes and told Ravenel, “You’re bad.”

“It’s nice being back here and being with you and being able to talk to you as friends,” she added.

“I think we communicated more last night than we did the two years we were together,” Ravenel concluded.

After the exchange, Ravenel started playing with Dennis’ top and the sparks were clearly flying. Dennis even told him that she still loves him, despite everything they have gone through over the past year.

'Southern Charm' Stars At War! Thomas Ravenel Reportedly Wants Kathryn Dennis Thrown In Jail [Featured Image by Bravo]

Although the video from Southern Charm made it look like Ravenel and Dennis were headed towards a reconciliation, their reunion didn’t last long. During an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Bravo TV reported that Ravenel revealed that he would never get back with Dennis. He is even reportedly dating a nurse in Los Angeles, not to mention that their custody battle isn’t resolved.

According to Daily Mail, Ravenel and Dennis are scheduled to appear in court later this month, and new text messages in the case reveal the extent of their bitterness. Back in February, Ravenel slammed his ex in a number of text messages about her poor parenting skills and drug problem. At the time, Dennis was recovering from a drug addiction and had gone through rehab to get better.


Ravenel even told Dennis that he never wanted to see her face again. He also told her that he was trying hard to undo all the damage she has caused their kids. Based on their heated custody battle and the nasty text messages, it doesn’t look like Ravenel and Dennis are getting back together soon, despite what Southern Charm wants you to think.

Catch part one of the Southern Charm reunion Monday on Bravo.

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