‘Dance Moms’ Rumor: Season 8 In The Works With Sophia Lucia, Nia Sioux To Return Too?

Dance Moms Season 7B will be the long-running reality show’s best one yet, according to fan-favorite cast member Nia Sioux.

The talented dancer, who just turned 16, did an interview with Hollywire TV during her birthday celebration where she talked about the return of Dance Moms to the small screen.

“I will say that this season is the best season that we’ve ever done of Dance Moms… There’s so many twists and turns and so many things that you never thought would happen. This is definitely the best season.”

The trailer for Dance Moms Season 7B teased a lot of drama including the exit of Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) founder Abby Lee Miller, which was both emotional and tension-filled, and a violent feud between Yolanda Walmsley and Christi Lukasiak.

A lot of choreographers came in while Miller was absent for the Dance Moms filming including well-known choreographer Laurieann Gibson, but it was Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke who was chosen as the official successor of Abby Lee Miller as the coach in Season 7B.

Nia Sioux had the following to say about the ALDC instructor’s replacement.

“Cheryl is actually really amazing. She is basically like my big sister, definitely like a mentor to me now and to all the girls actually. She really helped us learn more many things.”

'Dance Moms' star Nia Sioux smiles for the camera

Many fans were skeptical about Lifetime doing Dance Moms Season 8 without Abby Lee Miller, who was on the show since the beginning. However, with Cheryl Burke getting some love and praises for her work so far with the girls, a renewal might be in order.

The show will certainly look different as Miller will not be the only one absent come Dance Moms Season 8. Brynn Rumfallo and mini team members Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman will not be there. The show’s resident choreographer Gianna Martello is not expected to be back as well.

Past reports also suggested that original Dance Moms cast member Kendall Vertes might not return for the new season while Nia Sioux’s contract expires after Season 7. Before, she has hinted the possibility of not coming back, but her remarks about how good this season is suggest that she could change her mind.

It was also rumored that Sophia Lucia is being recruited for Dance Moms Season 8. According to the ever-reliable Dance Moms insider Beth, she confirmed in a livestream that a producer of the show reached out to her to be part of the new season.


Sophia Lucia appeared in the third season of Dance Moms as part of the “replacement team” put together by Abby Lee Miller after the elite team protested against her. Her appearance was short-lived on the show.

However, it appears that Sophia Lucia will be making a big comeback five years later. That being said, it would seem that Lifetime is already working on Dance Moms Season 8.

There will be a lot of slots to fill in, so chances are Sophia Lucia is not the only one returning. Dance Moms Season 8 could bring more dancers that appeared in the previous seasons to the forefront to complete its ensemble.

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