UFO Research 2017: Long Island Reports Over 800 Sightings In 15 Years, Here’s NASA’s Take On Alien Involvement

The latest report about historical UFO sightings may be critical for research in 2017. People in Long Island have claimed to have spotted more than 800 unidentified flying objects in 15 years.

Between 2001 and 2015, there was a huge number of alleged UFO sightings in Long Island itself. Researchers have pointed out that people from locations with minimum light pollution and temperate weather have reported more of such sightings.

It is interesting to note that U.S. government researches on UFOs were discontinued in 1968 after it was advocated that studying unidentified flying objects was not enriching enough for science. Private organizations, however, continued the research.

Thanks to people’s steady curiosity over aliens and the outer space, there have been numerous hoaxes regarding UFO sightings as well. It is not difficult for experts to identify fake alarms. Nevertheless, there are also some realistic reports to keep UFO enthusiasts intrigued.

One of the major cases of UFO sightings in the UK took place in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. Strange lights were sighted multiple times after Christmas when Britain was on high alert during the Cold War.

For nearly 50 years, the UK government maintained a secret dossier with reports of UFO sightings. As the secret dossier was finally released, it was revealed that there were several authentic reports of UFO sightings around the country, including the one happened in Rendlesham Forest. But, there is no conclusive evidence in the files to prove that aliens visited the planet, the Daily Mail Online reported.

NASA has been pretty clear about UFO sightings for a long time.

NASA has been pretty clear about UFO sightings for a long time. Back in 2004, it issued a declaration that spotting UFOs was normal. But, UFOs not necessarily indicate the existence of alien spacecraft. NASA’s statement refers to the Apollo 16 recording of an unidentified object in space. After thorough research, it turned out to be the reflection of an EVA floodlight/boom used for spacewalk.

NASA believes UFO sightings are normal but do not indicate alien involvement.

Even Michael Shermer agrees with NASA here. According to the editor-in-chief of Skeptic science magazine, when people spot things in the sky, it does not mean they are seeing a UFO. Shermer told WSHU that little clusters could be seen in the sky because of air traffic.

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