July 3, 2017
Tori Roloff Shares Super Adorable Photo Of Baby Jackson, Fans Point Out Resemblance To Dad Zach

Zach and Tori Roloff's adorable newborn, Baby Jackson, is quite a ladies' man.

Or at least that's how Tori Roloff described her and husband Zach's 6-week-old baby in the new Instagram photo she shared last Saturday, showing a sweatshirt-clad Jackson looking impossibly cute, as previously reported by The Hollywood Gossip. And who can blame her? The photo, after all, showcases Jackson at his most charming: beautiful blue eyes suggesting a perpetual wink, one corner of his mouth turned up in a half-smile -- as if knowing full well how impossibly irresistible he is.

Since Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their first child on May 12, the couple has been keeping fans of the TLC reality show Little People Big World updated on baby Jackson's progress, regaling them with impossibly sweet photos of their first born.

Jackson Roloff's new Instagram photo also shows the newborn's striking resemblance to his father Zach. Looking at the photo, one can surmise that Tori wrote the caption ("We're in trouble... #ladiesman") to imply why she fell in love with her husband. After all, fans of the show know how Zach, shy as he was, charmed his way into Tori's heart. And two years into their marriage, the couple have already demonstrated in many ways how much love they have for each other, and it's apparent that their relationship has only grown stronger since baby Jackson was born.

And so without further ado, check out the latest photo of Jackson Roloff, as posted by Tori, below. Do you see the uncanny resemblance to Zach? More importantly, isn't he just plain adorable?

It hasn't always been smooth-sailing for Zach and Tori Roloff. Both haven't had any qualms expressing their concerns over the possibility of Jackson being born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Their fears are not unreasonable, considering the fact that breathing problems and delays in muscle development are common among those born with achondroplasia. Worse, dwarfs have to work doubly hard in order to be loved and accepted in this mostly-unforgiving world -- something Zach Roloff himself knows all too well."You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two," he said.

While Tori Roloff admits she was scared about the prospect of having a dwarf for a son, she said that she will love "whatever pops out." She's also heartened by the fact that baby Jackson will probably inherit more other than her husband's small stature. For her, and as with most parents of good sense and heart, all she wants is for her and Zach's son to be "a good person."

"I just pray that he's caring and thoughtful, like his father. I just want him to be a good person," she said.

Have you been following Little People Big World? If so, how excited are you for Zach, Tori, and Jackson Roloff?

[Featured Image by Zach Roloff/Instagram]