‘Gold Rush’ Update: Todd Hoffman Crew Has Been Snowed Out, Shot At, And Now Shut Down! But, Has He Found Gold?

Although Gold Rush won’t be back on Discovery until the fall, there has already been a lot of news coming from the Hoffman crew’s mine site. Sounds like Todd and company have typical challenges, like weather, all the way to unhappy locals who are not weather challenges, personal challenges and more legal challenges. Is there any chance Dave Turin will return to help dig Todd out of this hole, so the crew can get at the gold? And what song does Todd want to record soon?

Last season, Todd Hoffman and crew made a lot of changes. First, they left their successful gold mine in the Yukon to return to the United States and mine in Oregon. Yet, after two unsuccessful mines in Oregon, Freddy Dodge saved the day and found a gold mine at the Fairplay Placer Mine in Colorado, southwest of Denver.

Later, Todd found another gold mine in Sacramento. Todd felt blessed that the team could salvage the season, but conflict between Dave Turin and Trey Poulson became so difficult that Turin, who was a strong leader on the previous seasons of Gold Rush, left the Hoffman crew. So, this season of Gold Rush, fans may wonder how Todd Hoffman will lead their team of unlikely, but lucky, gold miners.

After arriving in Colorado in April, mining was stalled on May 18. It looked like the weather was messing around with their search for gold, according to Todd, who posted on Facebook.

“Huge snow storm at the mine. Dang. Lol”

Weather shouldn’t be much of an obstacle to a team that has faced challenging arctic weather conditions, and tropical heat in Guyana.

Although the snow didn’t scare them away, it appears that the locals in Fairplay might. On the same day that Todd posted about the snow, the Hoffman crew allegedly was shot at.

According to 9News, local resident Aaron Borth was arrested after taking four shots “in the direction” of the Hoffman crew. Frustrated with gold mining in his town, he shouted obscenities at the Gold Rush stars before pulling out his handgun and firing shots at them.

Then, on June 8, a cease and desist letter was issued, and handed over to Freddy Dodge. Apparently, the miners had gone a few acres into the residential zone. In addition, Starcasm has revealed that their request to route water has also been denied. There is some controversy on whether the entire mining site, or just a small bit, was in the residential area. Either way, the Hoffman crew is down to just one working mining site, and that has to make it challenging to get the gold.

Recently, the Hoffman crew reportedly spent around $10,000 to host a lavish party to get to know the locals, and for them to get to know the miners. Todd posted on Facebook his satisfaction at the get together.

In spite of the good will shown by the Hoffman crew, some of the neighbors are still unhappy with how mining is changing their community. The station spoke to Wendy Kerne, who attended the Hoffman event, “but still feels her town is being exploited for the purposes of a TV show.” The view from her home is changing for the worse because of mining.

“I wish them well with their endeavors. It’s just frustrating that it happens to be affecting our community.”

Kerne wants to find a way to make it work for both parties.

“We want to find a way to coexist with mining and not have it so intrusive.”

As for Todd Hoffman, what song may he record soon? He is interested in recording “Silent Lucidity,” originally written and recorded by Seattle rock band Queensryche. Maybe a beautiful recording of this song can restore the peace in Fairplay?

What about Dave Turin? Any chance he will return? Dave is mining in the super heat of Nevada. Dave says that the “biggest issue here is the lack of water.” One of the pluses of mining there is the longer season. But, fans would love to see him on Gold Rush. Could there be a reunion? Fans will have to wait until the fall to find out.

What do you think of the latest incidents at Fairplay? Do you understand why the townsfolk of Fairplay are unhappy with how mining is physically changing their town?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]