Doctor, 45, Identified As Gunman In NYC Hospital 5-Floor Shooting Rampage Is Dead -- Update

Dr. Henry Bello was believed to be a disgruntled employee who went on a shooting rampage at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, where he was employed before recently getting fired. The doctor was armed with an assault rifle, which is a very big and bulky firearm, according to Fox News' live coverage on Friday afternoon. Bello shot a number of people, and some of the victims were believed to be other doctors. At least one other person besides the shooter is reported dead, with four to six people shot in this workplace violence event.

Update: At 6 p.m. CNN News confirms there was one fatality besides the shooter in this shooting rampage. The victim is a woman and her body was found near Bello's body. Officials now confirm that the doctor did turn the gun on himself to end his life. Reports on how the shooter died were not clear earlier this afternoon, but this is now official. Six people were shot and wounded on the 16th floor. Out of those six, five are in serious condition from gunshot wounds. This is not an event of terrorism, according to officials, this shooting is deemed "workplace violence."

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Reports indicate that one person is dead among the victims of the shooting and the shooter is dead after he turned the gun on himself. Fox reported the doctor "killed at least one person before killing himself."

NBC News claimed this a case of workplace violence. The FBI has a couple of agents on the scene, but the NYPD is the lead law enforcement agency at the crime scene on Friday afternoon.

According to Fox News 5 New York's Twitter page, Dr. Bello entered the hospital with a gun under his white lab coat. This is the same type of white coat that all the doctors wear while working in the hospital. The doctor allegedly opened fire on five different floors of the hospital. It is not known how much ammunition the shooter brought with him.

According to NBC Channel 4 New York, the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center describes itself as "the largest voluntary, not-for-profit health care system in the south and the central Bronx." The 1,000-bed hospital is 120-years-old, and it has one of the busiest emergency rooms in New York City.

While the motive for this shooting is not known, it is reported that Bello was recently fired from the hospital. According to Fox, it is not known who the intended target of this shooting was.

Bello is described as a 45-year-old family medicine doctor, who was formerly employed at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.

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