Kailyn Lowry Dropping Friends Like Flies? Fans Slam Her Tweet About Helping Others

Kailyn Lowry is currently waiting to give birth to her third child, and she's back home from her two babymoons. Lowry has been slammed for her decision to get pregnant without being in a relationship, but she made the decision to have another baby without a man in her life to support her. The doctor told her that she needed to have another baby soon if she wanted another, as her body may not be able to handle another pregnancy in a few years. Lowry decided to dive right in.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry defended herself once again, as her followers can't stop attacking everything she's writing. She can write a simple tweet and get attacked on just about anything she has done in the past. So when Kailyn shared a tweet that she can't help people who ask for help but find problems with every piece of advice she's giving, people were quick to attack her. One person even wrote to Kailyn Lowry that she has an easy time coming up with solutions because she will just ditch people and friendships if she doesn't like what is going on.

Of course, Lowry has only ended a few friendships around the time of her divorce from Javi Marroquin. She was surprised to learn that some of her good friends wanted to end their friendship because she had slept with another man. They felt that she had betrayed Javi in their marriage even though she had filed for divorce. Many saw her behavior as cheating.This Teen Mom 2 star doesn't see herself as a bad person. Instead, Kailyn Lowry sees herself as a strong person, one who isn't listening to people who don't know her. She's very good at ignoring the drama that's often happening on her Twitter timeline. In addition, she only responds when it has something to do with her character or if a rumor is completely outrageous.What do you think of people attacking Kailyn Lowry after she tried to offer up some solutions to a problem? Do you think she's good at ditching people when she's not interested in continuing a friendship?

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