Did L.A. Radio Station Mistake Eurythmics Legend Annie Lennox For Promising New Artist?

Despite decades in the music industry, including several years as the voice of '80s pop duo the Eurythmics, as well as numerous Grammys and Brit Awards, it would appear that Annie Lennox may have been mistaken for a new artist looking for airplay on a Los Angeles radio station.

On Thursday, the 62-year-old Lennox took to Facebook to share a copy of a note sent to her by the L.A. radio station, jokingly adding that she thinks she's "in with a chance." That's despite the fact that the Huffington Post noted that Annie has won a slew of awards as a veteran performer, including four Grammy Awards, eight Brit Awards, and even a Golden Globe and an Oscar. Annie Lennox is also best-known to music fans as the frontwoman of the Eurythmics, who were most popular in the 1980s with songs such as "Sweet Dreams" and "Here Comes the Rain Again."

As quoted by the Los Angeles Times, it appeared as if the L.A. radio station's music coordinator, who signed her name as Kylie, didn't know that she was dealing with a music legend, instead addressing Lennox as if she was a promising, newer artist.

"I came across your music on line [sic] and really like what I heard! … I find artists who I think have potential and get them in rotation on our station."
The note also suggests that Kylie wanted Annie Lennox to send her latest single over in MP3 form, so she could forward it to the radio station's program director.
"If you'd like, please send over the MP3 for your latest single. I'll forward it to Glenn our program director here at [redacted] to see if he's interested in putting it in rotation."
Since Lennox shared the L.A. radio station's note on her Facebook, fans have been doing their share of detective work, hoping to find out the mystery station's name. According to the L.A. Times, it's quite possible that the station may be the online-based KMIX Radio Los Angeles, which has a program director named Glenn Eisner. And while the copy of the station's note shows its call sign entirely blacked-out, a closer look points to the last letter possibly being an "X."

Although many are speculating that the Los Angeles radio station's employees simply didn't recognize Annie Lennox despite her longtime name recall as a musician, a report from the Wrap suggested that the note may actually represent something more shady, possibly a phishing scam aimed at young artists. For one, the note came with its share of formatting and typographical errors, giving it an "unprofessional" tone, as well as no last names for either Glenn or Kylie. But the Wrap opined that the real kicker was the mention of an "artist development firm that can also get you onto 150 radio stations worldwide."

Together with Dave Stewart (right), Annie Lennox shot to fame in the 1980s as the lead singer of pop/new wave duo the Eurythmics. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

"We're not saying it never happens, but few, if any, 'artist development firms' or radio stations operate like this," the Wrap observed.

"At minimum, radio stations tend not to ask their employees to help their competitors find content."
Annie Lennox's recent exchange with the still-unconfirmed Los Angeles radio station doesn't come with precedent, the L.A. Times noted. The publication brought up the case of singer-songwriter Jason Isbell, who claimed in 2014 to have received a letter from NBC's The Voice, asking him if he wants to audition for the show, despite the fact that he had already released seven albums as of that time.

So far, KMIX Radio's Glenn Eisner has not responded to the Wrap and the Los Angeles Times' request for comment.

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