August 24, 2017
Melania Trump's Hot 2017 Google Searches: Before-After, Old Photo Queries Rise 5,000 Percent Post Facelift Dig

In the wake of President Donald Trump's dig about Mika Brzezinski and her alleged facelift, as reported by the Inquisitr, Google reports a plethora of search terms coming in hot and heavy to their search engine about First Lady Melania Trump. Prior to Trump's tweet about Mika's supposed facelift, the searches surging surrounding Melania included queries about any alleged affair, but those searches by Googlers wondering about Melania's secret Trump Tower trip changed quickly as soon as Trump's facelift tweet was published Thursday morning.

As reported by Google Trends, the breakout terms surrounding Melania that were so popular on Thursday that Google did not assign a percentage increase in them included terms like "Melania cyberbullying" and "Melania cyberbullying speech." With Melania announcing that her platform would surround online bullying, searchers couldn't help but look for Melania's thoughts about Trump cyberbullying Mika.

Other searches naturally followed, including "Melania before-and-after photos," which increased 300 percent at one point and 1,200 percent at another point during the day. People also searched for "Melania Trump before plastic surgery," even though Melania has not publicly admitted to having plastic surgery or a facelift.

[Image by Susan Walsh/Getty Images]

People played internet detectives and sleuths as they searched for Melania's photos in 2017, likely to compare them to older photos of Melania to try and discern any plastic surgeries undergone. Melania's anti-bullying campaign searches joined searches for other phrases, such as "Melania defends Trump" -- both breakout queries in terms of popularity on Google. Up a whopping 5,000 percent was the term "Melania Trump facelift," as well as searches for Melania's response to the melee.

[Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

It isn't the first time that people have turned to Google to search for photos of Melania to try and answer burning questions about Mrs. Trump, such as when people wondered via Google if Melania was pregnant once more, due to a fitted blue dress the first lady wore recently.

[Featured Images by George De Sota/Liaison/Getty Images and Mark Wilson/Getty Images]