‘The Flash’ Season 4 Spoilers: Ralph Dibny Aka Elongated Man Joins Barry To Battle With Next Season’s Big Bad?

The Flash Season 4 is still a couple of months away from its premiere on The CW, but several hints and teasers are already being dropped about the upcoming season. Now that the fourth season’s villain has already been confirmed, it looks like the superhero fiction drama will introduce another character, and it may one that fans have been hoping to see on the show.

The Flash Season 4 will be premiering in October with a quite intense start, especially with the way things ended on the Season 3 finale. Per TV Line, a new and unnamed character is going to be introduced to the show.

While details on this new character on The Flash remain scarce, the publication teases that this new character will be quite challenging for the special effects department. This led to speculations that Ralph Dibny, who is known as the Elongated Man in the DC Universe, will be the new character joining Barry and the team on Season 4.

Many fans have been excitedly anticipating for Elongated Man’s appearance on The Flash and Season 4 would provide a perfect opportunity for the character, especially now that Barry will be facing off against a new big bad. Ralph, aka Elongated Man, has been a good friend of Barry’s and his addition to The CW drama may help Barry battle with the new villain.


Den of Geek reports that The Flash Season 4’s new villain has already been confirmed to be Clifford DeVoe. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg previously told the audience at the Paley Fest in Los Angeles that next season’s big bad will be a non-speedster.

DeVoe as the villain on The Flash Season 4 doesn’t really come as a surprise to fans and viewers, as the Season 3 finale gave away a couple of teasers on what’s to come. Savitar mentioned DeVoe’s name during the finale and it looks like Barry has got a lot on his hands next season.


The Flash Season 4 will also premiere with a six-month time jump, which will reveal what happened to Iris after Barry decided to sacrifice himself to the Speed Force. The aforementioned publication notes that the fourth season will see Iris struggle with Barry’s decision, but her manner of grieving may be a unique one.

There have been rumors that Iris will be taking on a higher position within the team on The Flash Season 4, which may help her get Barry back. However, Candice Patton, who plays Iris on The CW drama, refused to share any further details about Iris’ move on the next season.

Do you think The Flash Season 4 will finally introduce Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man?

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