September 7, 2017
Nina Turner, Beholden To No One, Takes Over As President Of Sanders' Our Revolution - Progressives Celebrate

Our Revolution, the organization started by Bernie Sanders to support Progressive candidates, announced Thursday that Turner would lead the organization in place of Jeff Weaver. Our Revolution had formally drafted Nina Turner to run for Governor of Ohio in 2018 months ago.

Nina Turner endorsed Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary election against Hillary Clinton. She was among Sanders' top surrogates in 2016. Turner has served as a state senator for Ohio's 25th district and as the minority whip in the Ohio Senate. Our Revolution called Nina Turner "our only hope in taking back the Governor's office." Turner replaces Sanders' former presidential campaign manager Jeff Weaver. Weaver has been Bernie Sanders' longtime assistant and served as president of Our Revolution since the summer of 2016.

Our Revolution Board Chairman Larry Cohen announced that the organization appreciated Weaver's hard work, vision and leadership and they look forward to his next project. Cohen also said that the board members are thrilled that "progressive champion Nina Turner" will be the organization's new president, according to Politico.

"It has been extremely satisfying to see Our Revolution grow into the effective progressive grassroots organization it has become," Jeff Weaver said of the organization's work under his leadership. "From chapters springing up nationwide to incredible successes moving the nation forward — particularly in helping to elect local and state legislative candidates, reforming the Democratic Party and in resisting the disastrous Trump agenda, I'm proud of the work we have accomplished together."

Progressives are less impressed with bashing Trump than they are about moving forward on issues that are important to them, according to analysts, and Nina Turner fits the bill. Turner has been an outspoken critic of many of the recent decisions and actions of the Democratic Party for more than a year. The Washington Post reported that the "stylistic differences between Weaver and Turner are vast, symptomatic of the divisions within a left that's locked out of power and arguing about how to get it back." Turner left Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2015 and never unified after the Democratic superdelegates handed Clinton the party's nomination. Nina Turner was among Sanders' most unity-resistant former surrogates during the General Election season.

Turner even caused quite a stir in late October when she told an MSNBC anchor that she did not support any General Election candidate.

It was this resolve not to buckle in her principles that has made Nina Turner a supreme favorite among progressive Democrats and progressive Independents. Progressives on social media, many of whom have been trying to draft Nina Turner for President of the United States in 2020, seem predominantly elated that Nina Turner will take over leadership with the independent non-profit organization Our Revolution.

[Featured Image by Sean Rayford/Getty Images]