'90 Day Fiance' Update: Anfisa Gets On Instagram Spat, Laments About 'Fake Smiles In America'

Anfisa of TLC's 90 Day Fiance is many things, but if there is something that is undeniable about her, it is the fact that she is extremely honest. Bold, brazen and transparent to an almost ridiculous degree, Anfisa has become one of the most polarizing stars of the hit reality TV show, with her antics towards her husband causing numerous conversations among viewers and avid fans of the blockbuster TLC series alike.

Recently, the controversial star ended up in an Instagram spat with an employee of Panache Bridal Beverly Hills, the boutique where she tried on her wedding dress, resulting in the reality TV star stating that she was getting annoyed of the "fake smiles" that are so prevalent in America.

The Russian reality TV star ended up on an Instagram argument after an employee of Panache Bridal Beverly Hills posted a status bashing Anfisa and Jorge. According to the employee, it was the producer of 90 Day Fiance who suggested that an expensive dress be brought out for Anfisa to try out. The employee also stated that Anfisa was indeed "mean."

"Yes, she's mean, and it was the producer who said I should pull that expensive dress lol! I couldn't wait for them to leave!"
In true Anfisa fashion, the brazen Russian responded to the Panache employee's status, lamenting that the Instagram post against her was the very definition of what she calls "fake smiles" in the United States. The reality TV star also tagged Panache Bridal Beverly Hills in her retort, telling the boutique to train its employees better.
"... and that's what I mean when I talk about fake smiles in America. Everybody remember the episode of #90DayFiance when Jorge and I went to a bridal boutique in Beverly Hills? @panachebeverlyhills, you need to train your employees better."
Needless to say, Anfisa's Instagram retort has managed to trigger a long thread of comments from everyday users and avid fans of the hit reality TV show, with many criticizing the Panache employee for posting an unprofessional update on social media and others bashing Anfisa for being the way she is on 90 Day Fiance. In a lot of ways, however, Anfisa does have a point, since it is generally a rule for employees of notable businesses such as Panache not to rant about their job in social media.
While many have criticized Anfisa for complaining about the "fake smiles" of Americans, it is pertinent to note that the reality TV star's disconnect with basic retail practices in the United States might very well be cultural in nature. Anfisa, after all, is Russian, and smiling for the sake of smiling, or simply out of politeness, is not really part of their culture. Here's a helpful Understanding Russia article which further explains this issue.

With this in mind, the 90 Day Fiance star must have really felt quite annoyed when faced with traditional, smiling, American retail workers. Nevertheless, Panache Bridal Beverly Hills has already apologized to the reality TV star, assuring Anfisa that steps would be taken to hold the employee accountable.

"We are appalled at this and did NOT know this even existed! Please believe us when we say that we absolutely DO NOT condone nor allow such behavior or misrepresentation of our business. I think this is only a personal point of view and does not represent the brand nor the rest of our consultants. We apologize for this and this employee will be handled accordingly. It is absolutely unacceptable."
[Featured Image by TLC]