June 29, 2017
Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: New York Knicks Still Trying To Trade Anthony, Will Not Buy Out Contract

Carmelo Anthony trade rumors haven't stopped, despite the New York Knicks moving on without team president Phil Jackson at the helm. This seems to hint that the Knicks are ready to move on as a franchise and that the front office is still hoping Anthony will waive his no-trade clause. A report by the New York Post just came out that reveals Anthony is still on the trade block. The report also confirms that the Knicks aren't willing to offer Anthony a contract buyout to part ways with the All-Star forward.

So what happens next for the Knicks and Anthony? Owner James Dolan doesn't want to simply give Anthony away and help a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers continue to dominate the Eastern Conference. Dolan has also been adamant against buying out Anthony's contract, which had been an idea that Phil Jackson was trying to press before he was relieved of his duties with the team. That leaves the team to either move on with Anthony as the starting small forward or work with him to construct a trade to a team he wants to join.

The Phil Jackson coup, as some in the media are calling it, has created a more tenable situation with the New York Knicks for Anthony and fellow star player Kristaps Porzingis. While there have been differing reports about their relationship, the team has certainly been better when both are healthy and on the court together. That might be a reason for the front office of the Knicks to stop catering to the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors and instead work at adding more pieces to the roster.

Some interesting New York Knicks rumors came out earlier in the week when it was suggested that Carmelo Anthony wanted to join the Houston Rockets if he received a buyout. A report by Stephen A. Smith got social media buzzing, as having a trio of Chris Paul, James Harden, and Anthony down in Houston could certainly have presented a very interesting team on offense. Just how good the Rockets would be with Harden and Anthony on defense is another question though.If the Knicks bought out Anthony and the Chicago Bulls bought out the contract of Dwyane Wade, it would create a scenario where both players could join LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wade and Anthony are good friends with James, making it a good possibility if the All-Stars were already getting paid by their former teams. Anthony has stated he has an interest in playing for the Washington Wizards or Philadelphia 76ers as well but has been content just staying in New York to this point.

For now, the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors state that the New York Knicks are only interested in dealing him for contributing assets, but the possible destinations remain a bit of a mystery.

[Featured Image by Jason Miller/Getty Images]