June 29, 2017
Sasha Pieterse Says She'll Never Say Never To A 'PLL' Spin-Off

Sasha Pieterse, who is significantly younger than her Pretty Little Liars co-stars, has spent most of her adolescence growing up on the TV show. And the star says if the right moment and spinoff is proposed to her, she isn't going to say no to the opportunity.

There is no confirmation that a spinoff is definitely happening. However, Marlene King has hinted that she isn't quite ready to let go of Rosewood.

The cast members discussed which Liar deserved her own spinoff, they agreed that Ali would be the most compelling character to have her own TV series, especially when looking at what happened to her when she disappeared for so long. And Sasha Pieterse, who plays Ali on the series, has said she's ready to do it if the right script comes along.

Marlene King has already done a spin-off series with Ravenswood, which also took place in the Pretty Little Liars universe. Sasha Pieterse wasn't really part of that one, and instead, it entered on Hanna's boyfriend, Caleb. Although Rosewood has been wildly popular and the Pretty Little Liars series has been a hit, Ravenswood was canceled after one season for low ratings. But perhaps that doesn't mean that another spin-off would suffer the same problem.

Sasha Pieterse posted a heartfelt message to her Pretty Little Liars castmates and crew members as the show ended on Tuesday night, with the big reveal as to who Uber A was. Some fans were pleased with the outcome, while others found it to be lacking. Still, Sasha has nothing but positive things to say about the cast and crew, and show creator, Marlene King.

The Pretty Little Liars actress also thanked the fans of the series, saying that their support is a true testament to how much they loved the show and making it so successful for so long.

Fans speculate that even if Sasha Pieterse isn't the main focus on a Pretty Little Liars spin-off, it could be possible that she is the teacher in a reboot of a series that has student and mean girl Addison at the center of it.

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