Marvel Drops A New 'Inhumans' Trailer That Features A Familiar Face As A New Villain

Marvel is presenting a new addition to its ever-expanding cinematic universe with Inhumans, and teasing that show's premiere, the studio has dropped an exciting new teaser. While the action and the premise are enough to set viewers on the edges of their seats, the Inhumans teaser is provocative for one other reason: It brings back a familiar actor in the kind of role in which he best performs -- that of the misguided antihero.

Marvel Amps Up The Action In A New Inhumans Teaser

The premise of Inhumans is unique, even for the overly-saturated comic book adaptation market. As the Hollywood Reporter shares, Inhumans presents a community of super beings living among the clouds, fearing discovery by the curious and overreaching human race. The unseen king of this community opts to remain hidden for as long as possible, but a rebellious son threatens to destroy that fragile peace before too long.

The Inhumans trailer shows these beings meeting on the subject of their inevitable discovery by mankind, and all seem content to follow their king's lead. The decision is all but made when a rebellious and misguided Maximus (Iwan Rheon) takes matters into his own hands.

As Maximus descends to Earth with his pet beast in tow, he's pursued by his more level-headed peers. What ensues is the beginning of a battle that threatens to bring an immortal war to Earth, putting mankind in the midst of a battle they had never expected.

Inhumans is reminiscent of the old fables of the Roman and Greek gods imposing their rule on mortal man, which is something that has been teased in previous incarnations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the premise has been skirted in previous incarnations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Inhumans may be the first time we see the gods and man intertwined in a long-running conflict.

Iwan Rheon Is At His Best As The Misguided Antihero

To be fair, Rheon was a downright nasty villain as Ramsay Bolton in HBO's Game of Thrones. Certainly, his brand of vicious barbarism will be a little too extreme for Inhumans, but, as Deadline suggests, Iwan still plays something similar as Maximus. Motivated by fear and an instinctual yearning to survive, Rheon's character arrives at a similar place as his previous Game of Thrones character.

While ambition doesn't seem to play a part in his character's motivations in Inhumans, Rheon still brings his own unique brand of villainy to the Marvel adaptation. His nature is aptly summed up with one poignant line in the latest Inhumans trailer.

"Nothing can keep us from being free."
Thus launches his tirade on mankind, hoping to carve out a kingdom worthy of his superpowers in Inhumans. Imagine the havoc Ramsay Bolton might have wrought with that kind of power on Game of Thrones.

Marvel is set to debut Inhumans on Friday, September 1 on ABC.

[Featured Image by ABC]