Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Expected To Sign Right To Work Bill Today

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is expected to sign right to work legislation on Tuesday. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Democrats and union leaders have urged the governor to hold off on signing the organized labor bill and putting the matter to a popular vote.

Union operatives believe they may have found a way to force a vote on the legislation, according to NBC News journalist Michael O’Brien. If the large unions decide to try the mysterious option and the endeavor works at planned, the Democratic threats to extend the battle over becoming a right to work state could be realized.

An appropriation is attached to Michigan’s right to work legislation, preventing the matter from being overturned by a voter referendum. Union leaders reportedly believe that they may have found a way around the state law. After analyzing the Michigan constitution, some feel a statutory initiative option could force the collection of signatures equal to eight percent of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election to thwart the bill designed to give workers the right to opt out of union membership, according to the Washington Post.

Workers’ Voice spokesman Eddie Vale had this to say about making an end-run around Michigan’s right to work legislation:

“The Michigan Constitution allows two other ways to let the people decide this issue on the ballot, and whether it’s one of those options or the 2014 Governor’s election itself, Michiganders will be heard loud and clear.”

Workers’ Voice also played a role in the union battles against similar right to work legislation in Wisconsin and Ohio. It is not yet clear if Michigan unions will decided to try to thwart the bill singing process by trying to get the matter on the next ballot.

Should workers who do not want to belong to a union be forced to join?