June 29, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Live Feed Spoilers Will Shine Additional Light On New Cast

The Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers will start coming out tonight (June 29). CBS just aired the Big Brother 19 season premiere on Wednesday night (June 28), but the live feeds won't get turned on until after the second episode, which airs on Thursday night (June 29). The site set up for the live feeds states that they will be available once the west coast has viewed the second episode. This means at roughly 10 p.m. / 1 a.m. ET on Thursday evening, there could be some exciting information available to subscribers.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr in a June 28 episode recap, not much has been revealed to the CBS viewers yet. In fact, the BB19 cast has been in the house for almost a week, but the first episode only showed footage from Day 1 of this season. This means a lot of information about what is going on inside the house isn't known yet, setting the stage for quite a few Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers. Could this be a strategy by producers and people at CBS in order to get more subscribers this season?

For viewers or fans who haven't watched the June 28 episode yet, avert your eyes, as some of the confirmed Big Brother 19 spoilers are coming up. What fans who watched the first episode already know is that Paul Abrahamian from Big Brother 18 has returned, that Kevin Schlehuber was tempted with $25,000 to bring a consequence upon the BB19 house, and that Cameron Heard has already been evicted. Kevin's personal consequence was that he wouldn't be able to play in the first Head of Household Competition.

CBS is currently advertising on the Big Brother Twitter page that the June 29 episode will feature the first HOH Competition of the season. It's possible that the entire episode could be focused on the reactions of the cast to evicting Cameron Heard, how the BB19 cast is getting along, and then who wins the first HOH Competition. It's also possible that they are forced to immediately name two (or three) people for eviction, but that could certainly be something that is discovered later through live feed spoilers.Due to how long the BB19 cast has already been playing the game, there is a high likelihood that they have a Head of Household, that the HOH has revealed their nominations for eviction, and that they have already played out the first Veto Competition of the summer. If that is all the case, then when CBS turns on the live feeds late Thursday evening, it will become obvious quite quickly what has transpired. The nominees will be bargaining for safety, the Memory Wall will show if the Veto is in possession of a houseguest, and the HOH will already have a room.

There are some rumors on social media about a new competition getting added to the show this season, so it's possible that host Julie Chen also reveals that to the houseguests and viewers on Thursday night. With 16 people in the game right now, it might make sense to continue having three nominees for eviction each week, but that could require another method of choosing the nominees. With only one hour to cover a lot of ground during the June 29 episode, the Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers could be plentiful within the next 24 hours.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]