February 6, 2018
'BB19' Star Christmas Abbott's Engagement Revealed: So Why Is She Acting Single?

Tonight on the big premiere of Big Brother 19, everyone got the chance to meet Christmas Abbott. Fans were already talking about how they thought she would be great for a showmance and she never mentioned having someone at home, but it turns out that Christmas is actually engaged. For some reason, she never said a word about it to the houseguests. The Barbell Spin shared the all the news about Christmas's engagement and her fiance.

Back on October 10, she went to her Instagram page to share about her fiance. His name is Geoff Kercher and she shared a picture of them together along with a ring on her finger. She has shared some photos of him on her social networks, but not all the time. She was allegedly engaged to Josh Holmes before, but they called it off. This means that this is her second time to be engaged at least.

There is also a wedding registry for Christmas Abbott and Geoff Kercher posted on The Knot. This registry shows that their wedding date is September 3, 2017. This is a very odd date because if she does well Christmas could still be in the BB19 house. It said that they were getting married in Raleigh, North Carolina. The registry only had a few small things on it and they were group gifts that they were hoping several people would go in on together and buy.

If Christmas and Geoff called it quits, she didn't share that part. She doesn't post very much on her social networks with him and hasn't posted anything in a long time. It looks like the fans will just have to wait and see if Christmas admits to being engaged. She might end up telling everyone, or she could just tell the diary room that she is but doesn't have plans to let the house now so that she can use it to her advantage in the game. Being available for a showmance is always a good thing for your gameplay, even if you don't join one and just flirt to use it to your advantage.

Are you shocked to hear that Christmas Abbott has a fiance at home? Do you think they are still together? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on CBS.

[Featured Image by Christmas Abbott/Instagram]