Melania Trump Returns To Trump Tower In New York City Two Weeks After Move To White House

Melania Trump returned to Trump Tower in New York City just two weeks after she moved into the White House. On Wednesday, the first lady was spotted trying to go incognito in a long coat and sunglasses. She had on a cashmere coat despite temperatures in the city being in the 80s.

It was clear that Melania Trump was trying to be stealthy in her return to Trump Tower, but the heavier presence of the Secret Service did little to help her mission. Prior to the cameras following Melania, she wasn’t covering her face. When he realized her cover was blown, she put on oversized sunglasses.

The reason for Melania’s return is unknown, but Daily Mail photographers managed to snap some images of her inside a black SUV. According to the report, the first lady made a brief visit to Trump Tower before getting inside the SUV and leaving. It’s possible she forgot something or had some business that needed to be dealt with in person.

As for the president, he hasn’t returned to Trump Tower since he was inaugurated in January. Melania and their 11-year-old son, Barron, remained in New York City until June 14. They wanted Barron to finish the school year before the whole family settled into the White House.

People will be interested to know why Melania Trump returned to Trump Tower in New York City on Wednesday. She left the building around 2 p.m. ET and got into the waiting SUV before being whisked away.

Melania Trump Returns To New York City

Melania recently told Fox and Friends that she “enjoys” living at the White House and that Barron “loves it” there.

When asked if she missed New York, Melania said she keeps so busy that she doesn’t think about it.

“I’m so busy, and we’re doing so many great stuff,” she said. “It’s a really special place.”

Melania Trump Returns To Trump Tower In New York City

It didn’t take long for the press to get wind of Melania Trump returning to Trump Tower in New York City. She obviously didn’t spend a lot of time at the building and was presumably returning to Washington, D.C., after she concluded whatever business she had in the city.

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