Brad Pitt, Dad Of Twins, Reportedly Gives Amal And George Clooney Baby Advice Along With Cute Gifts

Brad Pitt famously shares six children with Angelina Jolie, and two of those youngsters are twins. So when Brad’s long-time buddy George Clooney and the ER actor’s wife Amal Clooney became first-time parents to twins of their own, fans speculated that Pitt would be the man to give the couple parenting advice. Now Brad reportedly has come through in a spectacularly sweet way, providing George and Amal not just his expert tips on bringing up twins but giving them an adorable present.

Pitt isn’t related to the Clooney kids, but they might be tempted to call him “Uncle Brad” if he keeps giving George’s and Amal’s twins the types of special gifts that he reportedly just did. Hollywood Life told readers that Pitt just welcomed the Clooney twins to their wonderful world by visiting them with an armful of gifts.

Of course at just three weeks old, wide-eyed Ella Clooney and her twin brother Alexander Clooney probably have no idea about the fame of their parents or visitors like Pitt. But when they’re old enough, like all kids they’ll learn to recognize and appreciate those who come with presents. An insider told Hollywood Life that one of the sweet gifts from Brad reflected his memory of what his own children enjoyed growing up.

“[Brad Pitt] came baring special gifts — including the same type of African doll his daughter Zahara had as a kid.”

The Clooney family, which George and Amal just doubled with the arrival of Ella and Alexander, are living in England. The source revealed that Pitt was in Europe himself and took advantage of his travels to visit the baby twins and their parents by heading to London.

“Uncle Brad swung through London to see George and Amal and to meet their new babies during his time in Europe,” explained the insider. “Brad even brought gifts for the little ones.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share six kids, including twins, so Brad has lots of advice for first-time dad George Clooney.

While the Clooney parents probably are being showered with gifts, the source revealed that Pitt made a point of choosing presents for the babies that have a special meaning. Showing that he’s an experienced father, Brad also reportedly carefully chose matching gifts for the babies to avoid any squabbles when they get older over who gets which toy.

“Brad bought the kids new matching toy dolls from Africa. Zahara [Jolie-Pitt, 12] fell in love with the same type of toy doll when she was a baby,” shared the insider.

“Brad wanted to help recreate the same fond memories with George and his new children.”

While the twins will eventually get old enough to appreciate what it means to get toys from Brad Pitt, their parents reportedly got advice from Pitt that they can put to good use right away. Having twins means two pairs of diapers to change, and Pitt’s fatherly wisdom was all about dealing with baby poop, according to the source.

“Brad even shared some fatherly advice with George on how to prevent diaper rash, which Amal thought was hilarious,” said the insider.

Years before their split, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were seen traveling with some of their children, including Maddox, Zahara and twins Vivienne and Knox.

Although Pitt wins the expert daddy award as the parent to six kids, Clooney reportedly loves his role as a first-time dad just as much. Ella and Alexander have reportedly taught George the joys of loving his kids, according to the source.

“George says the biggest thing he’s learned since becoming a father is the absolute joy and wonder of unconditional love.”

Hollywood Life noted that although Clooney “has loved, and continues to love, many people in his life — with Amal being his greatest love, and his soulmate,” the birth of the twins reportedly takes George’s experience of love to a “whole new level,” quoting a different insider on the topic.

“George would seriously lay down his life in a heartbeat for Alexander and Ella, and even now, when he looks at them snuggled up, he is overcome with emotion and brought to the verge of tears,” said the second source.

The twins that Pitt shares with Angelina Jolie are now eight-years-old. Earlier this year, Angelina took twins Knox and Vivienne on a shopping expedition, according to the Daily Mail. The mommy-and-twins time included visiting clothing stores at the Malibu Country Mart mall.

The six kids that Jolie and Pitt share include the twins, 10-year-old Shiloh, 12-year-old Zahara, 15-year-old Maddox, and 13-year-old Pax. Angelina and Brad welcomed Knox and Vivienne to the world in Nice, France, in July 2008.

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