Ryan Serhant Just Proved That Hard Work And ‘MDLNY’ Can Make You Super Successful

Ryan Serhant joined Million Dollar Listing: New York six seasons ago as a sole real-estate agent with big dreams and big listings. However, these days, Ryan is living the life of a successful agent with huge listings and even more success. While the numbers and the sales continue to stack up, Serhant also had tremendous success in his personal life. He got married last year to Emilia Bechrakis, and they are now starting to figure out how children can fit into the bigger picture.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant revealed that he had experienced some tremendous success over the past couple of months. In an Instagram post, Ryan is holding up the cover of The Wallstreet Journal where he is featured for having the second best sales team in New York City and the fifth-best sales team in the entire nation. Of course, these are incredible numbers, and he should be proud of these.

Throughout his time on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan Serhant has shared his journey from working as part of a smaller team to running his own group. He has also gotten himself a bigger office and has expanded to Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

One can imagine that his supportive wife is very proud of him. When she met him, she knew that Ryan was all about “expanding always and in all ways,” as his motto is in work and business. And it sounds like these two are doing great despite Ryan’s weekend work at the office and his early morning runs to the gym.

Just two nights ago, Ryan Serhant shared a picture of himself with Emilia on a date night. Many fans gushed about how happy they look and how they had found their respective soulmates. And while Million Dollar Listing: New York might have helped Ryan on a professional level, it is definitely hard work and dedication that’s making his marriage a success. And he should be proud of that.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant’s success? Are you impressed by everything he has managed to achieve over the past couple of years?

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