Steve Carell’s Silver Fox Hair Trips Out The Internet: Steve Goes Gray, Twitter Goes Wild [Videos]

According to Google Trends, the Internet has a lot of questions about Steve Carell’s hair. They are calling Steve a silver fox, and people on the web want to know if Carell wears hair plugs – or if Steve has had a hair transplant. As reported by ET in the below video, Carell’s response to being called a silver fox was what one would expect from the comedian, with Carell talking about his gray hair being the result of genetics, and admitting that he loves the attention.

As seen in the above photo, Kristen Wiig and Carell stepped out in London for the premiere of Despicable Me 3, and Steve’s gray hair stole the show once more. With below photos of Carell going viral on Twitter, Steve has found a new level of attention from folks fawning over Carell’s hair, and how distinguished and handsome some people think the gray hair makes him look.

After all, fans of The Office were used to seeing Carell’s befuddled Michael Scott character with dark hair for years. Now that Steve has allowed his hair to go gray, apparently not dyeing the hair to a “Just for Men” salt-and-pepper look or anything, viewers are having a visceral reaction to Carell’s new silver fox look.

[Image by Stefano Paltera/AP Images]

Steve quipped that there’s plenty of responsibility that comes along with being the new crush of the Internet, and when asked about Carell’s wife’s reaction to his hair, Steve made sure to compliment his wife by calling her a beautiful woman.

The web is fascinated with Carell’s hair, reports The Boston Globe. They are also fascinated with the fact that Carell owns a General Store in Marshfield.

But Carell found himself once again answering questions about his gray hair when Steve appeared on the Today show, as seen below. When Matt Lauer began looking at Carell’s hair and trying to determine if there was any pepper in the salt-and-pepper look, Carell joked that Lauer needed to look away and look him in the eyes.

“Matt, my eyes are down here.”

Lauer could commiserate with the attention that a man can receive when his hair changes dramatically.

Meanwhile, tweets like the ones below have brought Carell a whole new level of attention.

One very popular tweet shows a Twitter user saying she’d choose Steve any day over some younger celebrities.

[Featured Image by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Universal Pictures UK]

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