Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Secret Dates: All You Need To Know About The Couple’s London-Toronto Romance

Rumors suggest that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been having secret dates in Toronto as others suggest that the two had been seeing each other under the radar amid speculations of their engagement.

According to E! News, the couple had indeed been keeping in touch as their sources reveal bits and pieces of information, implying that Meghan and Harry have a smooth-sailing relationship and are bound to tie the knot.

Based on the report, the two had been going back and forth between Toronto and London to see each other secretly, the most recent one being Harry’s trip to the U.S. on June 17. Citing multiple sources, the outlet went on to reveal that the royal decided to head out because Meghan was the one who was always visiting him in the U.K.

“Harry had planned to fly out this time as he felt it was unfair for Meghan to always be the one flying around, and she’d just come back from the U.S.,” one of the sources told E! about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“They hadn’t been together for a while, so it was exciting for both to see each other.”

The outlet’s insiders also claimed that while the Suits actress and the 32-year-old prince wanted to be stealthy with their dates, they occasionally visit some “favorite spots where people don’t immediately run to the press to say they’re there.”

Prince Harry Traveled To Toronto To See Meghan Markle
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They even visited homes of some of their close friends including one in Toronto, something Prince Harry likes to do to “get away from London” too.

Even so, the source clarified that London is where their heart is. In fact, one of the insiders revealed that they will live there should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decide to get hitched.

“They speak about the future a lot, whether it’s getting each other’s take on future career plans or where they’ll be as a couple. They talk about living in London—Meghan really sees herself moving, and he really wants that,” the source revealed after describing the couple to be “in an extremely solid and happy place at the moment.”

Meghan Markle Travels To London To Be With Prince Harry
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Now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be seeing each other again in that exact, same city after the Suits star was spotted at a Toronto airport, seemingly bound to London.

Donning a simple attire composed of ripped jeans, an Everlane jumper, and a black cap, the 35-year-old actress boarded a flight back to the U.K., on Tuesday per the Daily Mail.

Traveling miles to see one man seems to be a sign that Meghan is indeed besotted to the prince, and vice versa, as they wait for the time when they finally live under one roof. After all, an insider close to the situation revealed that the couple is not rushing and confirmed that they do love each other.

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