Will Ryan Edwards To Be Charged With DUI After Driving Intoxicated On Camera? Fans Slam Wife For Allowing It

Ryan Edwards shocked fans in last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG wherein he drove himself and his wife-to-be, Mackenzie Standifer, to their wedding location while visibly intoxicated. Fans have slammed Mackenzie for allowing her husband to get into the car, much less for not demanding that he pull over.

The scene, which was incredibly difficult to watch, featured Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie on their way to a quickie wedding so that they could gain more custody of Bentley. However, Mackenzie began asking her husband why he was swerving, and at one point took control of the wheel. Ryan had trouble keeping his eyes open, claiming it was the sun in his eyes that was preventing him from seeing the road. But when he took off his glasses, it was clear that his eyes were closing due to substance abuse.

Mackenzie asked Ryan Edwards if he had taken a Xanax after turning the cameras off and their pics were still on, but he adamantly said he had not.

This is the second time MTV producers have witnessed a crime and did nothing about it. In 2010, the production crew caught Amber Portwood on camera physically abusing ex, Gary Shirley. She later served 24 hours in jail for the altercation.

Neither time, even though both were life and death situations, did MTV choose to intervene.


Although Amber Portwood was charged for her offense, police have stated that they cannot arrest Ryan Edwards for his behavior because they did not pull him over and take a breathalyzer at the time to check for intoxication. Because all they have is video evidence, they cannot convict him of driving under the influence, even though it is totally obvious.

According to police, they would have to conduct field tests and observe Ryan Edwards before arresting him, making his driving under the influence not as cut and dry as what happened with Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley.

Fans have asked Mackenzie Standifer why she simply turned the cameras off and did not force her husband to pull over, instead allowing him to continue driving. She has not responded.

At one point, things got so bad that Ryan told his wife he had an idea for a bachelor and bachelorette party, but that he was having troubling remembering it right now.

MTV should, however, take a stand when it comes to the cast members and their safety.


[Featured Image by Jen Edwards/Instagram]