Fans Outraged At Mackenzie Standifer For Her Role In ‘Teen Mom OG’ Finale

Maci Bookout’s baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, is officially a married man, and it seems some Teen Mom fans are not too happy with how the wedding played out on screen.

In fact, numerous viewers took to social media to call out Ryan’s new wife, Mackenzie Standifer. The season finale of Teen Mom OG aired this week, and fans got a glimpse of Edwards driving under the influence to his own wedding.

The 29-year-old is seen with his eyes barely open as his car drifts on the road. But that’s only half of what MTV viewers are upset about.

Ryan’s then-fiancée Mackenzie was in the car with him at the time. Instead of having him pull over so she could drive, the 20-year-old simply turned off the cameras and questioned Ryan about what pills he took.

An InTouch Weekly mentioned the scary episode, and the site states that, at one point, Standifer even grabbed the wheel to help Edwards drive straight.

“Troubled dad Ryan Edwards was shown nearly falling asleep at the wheel as he appeared to be driving under the influence to his own wedding.”

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Apparently, this was the final straw for Teen Mom fans as they let loose in the comments section on a Facebook post by People magazine. The magazine’s post also covered Ryan and Mackenzie’s drama as the site quoted her asking if he took a Xanax.

Readers were not impressed when Mackenzie turned the cameras off as she questioned Ryan on what substance he took. One reader went as far as to call the young bride “pathetic.”

“It’s pathetic that she was more worried about the cameras and turning them off than making him pull over and get out from behind the wheel.”

Fans not only questioned Ryan’s relationship with Mackenzie but also her motivation for wanting to marry him while he was under the influence. Some comment posters suggested she’s in it for money and fame, not to help him retain custody rights as reported.

“Mackenzie will have to always live with the fact that her fiancé married her while under the influence of some type of drug.”

Viewers also mentioned the fact Edwards and Standifer married without his 8-year-old son present, even though it brought his mom to tears during the ceremony.

“…the fact that she stood there while Jen’s [Ryan’s mom] heart was breaking and went thru with this sham of a wedding disgusts me…”

Fans stated if Mackenzie truly loves Ryan, she would have wanted his entire family there to celebrate as the couple only had his parents attend.

Readers went on to say how terrifying it was to watch this scene and how much respect they lost for Mackenzie. They questioned how desperate she must be to marry Edwards that she did so while he was intoxicated.

“No smart woman would go through with a marriage when their fiancé is clearly under the influence unless they are in a rush to make it official.”

These statements from Teen Mom OG fans are just the tip of the iceberg as People‘s post received almost 1,000 comments regarding this particular episode.

In the end, some fans agreed Mackenzie reminds them of another controversial Teen Mom partner in Matt Baier.

“She is a female version of Amber’s Matt!”

Most viewers are well aware of the toxic relationship Amber Portwood has with Baier, and it seems they think the same of Ryan’s relationship with Mackenzie.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ryan and Mackenzie’s new marriage.

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