Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye Hospitalized

Melissa Stusinski

Hawaiian Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Inouye, the most senior senator in the US Senate, is working with doctors to regulate his oxygen levels, reports NBC News. The senator released a statement about the hospitalization, saying:

"For the most part, I'm OK. Much to my frustration I have to remain in the hospital for my own safety and to allow the necessary observation. I will be back on the Hill as soon as my doctors allow it."
"In 1941, the date December 7th was a day that evoked anger, fierce patriotism and dangerous racism. Soon after that day, I suddenly found myself, pursuant to a decision by the government and along with thousands of Japanese-Americans declared 4C, enemy aliens. It was a difficult time. I was 17."

Inouye was previously hospitalized on November 17 when he fell and cut the back of his head. A statement released by his office at the time, as well as the one released on Monday, speak to the senator's dislike of the hospital. The Hawaii Democrat's office stated, "The U.S. Army Captain and World War II combat veteran wanted to put a bandage on and come to work but his family insisted he get it checked out."

Senator Daniel Inouye will likely be out of the hospital soon and back to Capitol Hill where he has served in the Senate for the last 49 years.