Britney Spears Claims She Sings ‘Live’ At Every Concert — And Her Own Fans Say That’s A Lie

A loud-and-clear Britney Spears bemoaned about the disrespect she says she continues to receive from those who claim she never sings live at any of her concerts — and now, even her more “Stronger”-minded fans are wondering why Spears dared to speak on the shaky subject at all.

The pop princess, 35, took part in a televised sit-down in the Israeli city to promote an upcoming set of shows in the middle-eastern country, according to PopCrush, when the “Gimme More” starlet was asked the controversial query in regards to the understood, but mostly-unspoken truth that Britney often does not, in fact, sing live during her high-powered performances and probably hasn’t in quite some time.

In a snippet leaked from the conversation between Britney and the Tel Aviv TV reporter, Spears is asked about her propensity for singing with a backing vocal track, or “playback,” at her live shows.

“How much of your show is with playback,” the interviewer poses to Spears, “[and] how much of it is [actually] live?”

“I’m glad you’re addressing this question,” Britney begins, “because it’s really funny. A lot of people think that I don’t sing live. I do usually, because I’m dancing so much, I do have [to use] a little bit of playback, but there’s a mixture of my voice and the playback [at my shows].”

It was what Spears said next, however, that would cause even her most dedicated followers — known on social media as the “#BritneyArmy” — to be stunned to silence, as Britney went on to demand some form of “credit” for using the singing aid as part of her live act.

“It really pisses me off because I’m busting my a** out there and singing at the same time, and nobody ever really gives me credit for it. You know?”

Hear Britney Spears plead her live singing case for yourself below.

PopCrush contributor Bradley Stern explained in his post why even the #BritneyArmy can’t sit with Spears on this one.

“Although largely unspoken until now, it’s generally understood within Britney’s own fan base and the pop music-loving community at large, that [Spears] employs heavy playback in all of her performances so that she can twirl, hair flip and get to work, b***h,” Stern states, with a bonus nod to Spears’ 2013 hit.

britney spears sing live
Britney Spears demanded to receive credit for "singing live" during her performances -- a feat that even her fans claim as being mostly untrue. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Spears’ last world tour for the album Femme Fatale, in 2011, saw Britney receiving high marks for her choreography and the all-around stage show but once again, saw the singer being called out for using a backing track in her performances.

Writers for MTV News, as it just so happens, proved Stern’s line about Britney Spears’ fans being wholly accepting of the performer not singing live in her shows as being true, in a review of Spears’ opening date of The Femme Fatale Tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, in June of 2011.

“There were times throughout the night when it was obvious that Spears was lip-syncing, but no one in the audience seemed to mind one bit,” they wrote.

“They were [only] there to be served a shot of Spears straight-up. And they got what they came for.”

Check out Britney Spears singing her first hit, “… Baby One More Time,” live (allegedly) in 1999, below.

[Featured Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images]