Jinger Duggar: Photo Of Jeremy Vuolo Sparks Pregnancy Speculation, Jeremy Preaches About Same-Sex Marriage

Jinger Duggar fans think they’ve found more proof that she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, the Counting On star is making sure that her Instagram followers focus on how cute Jeremy Vuolo is, not his views on same-sex marriage.

Jinger Duggar, 23, recently took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her preacher husband, Jeremy Vuolo, 29. The snapshot was taken when he was Jeremy was just a kid, and the future soccer pro’s love for the sport is on full display; he’s holding a soccer ball while he smiles at the camera.

“@jeremy_vuolo is the cutest thing ever!” Jinger captioned the picture, adding a heart-eyes emoji to emphasize her love for her husband.

Some fans believe that the image is evidence that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child. Fans have been paying close attention to any photos of the Counting On star that show her full body because they’re hoping to see a baby bump, but now they’ve moved on to seeing pregnancy proof in images that she’s not even pictured in. Many fans responded to the throwback photo of Jeremy by commenting on how cute his future kids will be, while others speculated that he and his wife have started looking through their old photos because they’re already expecting and want to get an idea of what their baby will look like.


“Jinger must be pregnant,” wrote one fan. “Because she’s looking through childhood/baby photos to see what her baby will look like.”

During last night’s episode of Counting On, Jinger Duggar’s sisters asked her whether she was pregnant. She and Jeremy currently live in Laredo, Texas, so the Duggar girls had to gather around a laptop and bombard her with baby questions via video chat. She initially responded to her sisters by smiling awkwardly and staring at them in silence for a few seconds, and Jana Duggar described her younger sister’s reaction by saying that she “kind of beat around the bush a little bit.”

“Not that I know of,” Jinger finally said. “No, I’m not.”

Jessa Duggar told the Counting On cameras that she told her sisters not to ask Jinger Duggar if she was pregnant because she feels like it’s unfair to her younger sister to put her on the spot like that.

“I’m kind of the opinion, if somebody wants to share their news, they’ll share it,” Jessa said.

“She’s not going to lie. She’s either going to say nothing, or have to tell you yes. I feel like, when it comes to asking somebody if they’re pregnant, a lot of times, it’s a good idea to just wait and let them share that news on their own.”

Even though Jeremy Vuolo likely won’t become a father in the near future, his Instagram followers have babies on the brain. Jeremy recently shared a photo of himself and his wife that was likely taken during their honeymoon, and it sparked more baby buzz.

“Me and my hazel-eyed girl,” Jeremy captioned the image.

Again, fans started gushing about Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s great genetics.

“Your babies are going to be beautiful,” commented one fan.


Most of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram posts are about their love for one another, but one of Jeremy’s recent sermons was about a different kind of love. During the sermon, which was titled “Philippians: Paul’s Joyful Prayer,” Jeremy shared his definition of what Christian love is.

“To kindly tell a woman that to kill her unborn child is murder is love. To tell people graciously that marriage is only between a man and a woman is love,” said Jeremy.

“To winsomely tell people that their sexuality is not defined by the urges they feel, no matter how strong, but is defined by the one who designed it is love.”

What do you think of Jeremy Vuolo’s definition of love? And are you surprised that Jinger Duggar isn’t pregnant yet?

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]