‘Roseanne’ Revival: What Will DJ Conner Being Doing In The Present Day?

Fans aren’t the only ones excited for the Roseanne revival. Actor Michael Fishman, who played DJ Conner on the show, recently opened up about his time growing up on the set, returning the show, and how important the cast is to him.

According to Hidden Remote, Michael Fishman says he’s thrilled about working with the Roseanne cast for the revival, which will air on ABC in 2018. The actor says he has a deep connection to Roseanne Barr that stems all the way back to when he was auditioning for the series. Fishman reveals that he and Barr “connected immediately,” and she has been his “champion” throughout his life.

Michael also admitted that he “loved” playing DJ Conner on the show, and that’s why he’s willing to return to the franchise for the Roseanne revival. That, and the amazing cast. Fishman reveals that in addition to his love for Barr, John Goodman has been “truly kind” to him while describing actress Laurie Metcalf as the “perfect mom.” The actor goes on to say that his on-screen sister, Sara Gilbert, has one of the “best hearts,” and Lecy Goranson is a “free spirit.”

As for what Michael Fishman would like to see DJ Conner doing in the Roseanne revival, the actor claims he’s like his character to have children and be a “good dad,” as well as be “realistically flawed, moral, and honorable.”

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“Before the show ended, I would have liked to see DJ jump toward adulthood. I don’t really have a specific for then, but that is what I am hoping for now. [I would] like him to have kids, be a good dad, be moral, honorable but realistically flawed.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Roseanne revival is rumored to ignore the events of the original series finale, which revealed that Dan had died. Cast members have said that it is likely the revival will focus on the Conner family in their present day lives as Dan and Roseanne are most likely still working and dealing with the crazy situations their family finds themselves in regularly. The fan favorite TV couple will also have grandchildren to look after, and a lot of world and political issues to dive into if the series warrants the discussion.

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What are your thoughts on Michael Fishman’s words about returning for a Roseanne revival and what the cast as meant to him?

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