Blonde Nurse Ashley Responds To Thomas Ravenel Saying He’s Single

During Thomas Ravenel’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, on Monday night with his Southern Charm co-star Landon Clements, Thomas answered a viewer’s question on whether he’s dating. Thomas said that he’s not dating anyone seriously at the moment. Not only that, he said his relationship with his ex and mother to his two children, Kathryn Dennis, has gotten a lot better and admitted that they still have “undeniable” and “unstoppable” chemistry.

But is Thomas really single or is he lying to protect the new woman and relationship in his life? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ashley Jacobs, a young blonde woman from Southern California who works as a registered nurse, is supposedly now dating Thomas. In recent weeks, she has posted several photos of herself with Thomas, both in Santa Barbara and Charleston, to her Instagram account. Landon even confirmed in May that Thomas is dating Ashley and gave her opinion that he should marry her right away.

So what does Ashley have to say about Thomas declaring that he’s basically single? On Monday, Ashley posted a photo to her Instagram account showing her and a friend in their swimsuits on a boat. One person commented to Ashley that if she were her, she would be pissed about Thomas saying that he’s single. Ashley responded that she’s not pissed at all, and Thomas is just trying to keep his private life private, which she respects.

“alynnsanford: Yeah @thomasravenel just said on @bravowwhl that he is single and not dating anyone seriously. I keep calling to try to ask him about you but the line is busy -_- if I were you I would be pissed

ashleyhjacobs: @alynnsanford Not pissed at all!! He’s trying to keep his private life private. I respect him for that.”

Ashley also responded to another person who wrote that Thomas just wrote on his Instagram that he and Ashley are just friends. Ashley playfully said that it was rude of Thomas to say that and directed her comment to Thomas.

“erinfinley311: @reelglam just read on @thomaravenal ig that they are not dating, just friends

ashleyhjacobs: @reelglam@erinfinley311 Just friends?! What?!???? How rude @thomasravenel”

What did Thomas write on Instagram? Earlier on Monday, in response to a photo that Thomas posted of his courtyard at the Biltmore Four Seasons, Santa Barbara, one person commented that Thomas must be enjoying his time in Santa Barbara with Ashley. Thomas replied that he no longer sees her, and while she’s a very nice person, they’re just friends.

“thomasravenel: @jimtrammell I no longer see her; she’s a very nice person but we’re just friends.”

Several people actually left comments talking about how they recently saw Thomas and Ashley together in Santa Barbara. One person said that Ashley seems to be the right woman for Thomas.

“stylewalk1: @thomasravenel I was so happy to see you and Ashley together! You deserve to be happy — pictures can only tell a part of the story but she seemed to be the right piece for your heart. ❤️But I get it. It’s your life and we only see pictures!”

Another person said that he saw Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs together at the Biltmore. That person also indicated that Ashley’s not the only woman Thomas is hanging out with at the moment.

“steveguttbuck: @c3techconf I saw them at the Biltmore too. What’s wild is I saw him and Ashley the week before where she proceeded to hit on my and friend’s at the bar. She wanted us to buy her drinks when Thomas was right there. It was odd. Anyhow I saw Thomas leaving the Biltmore with a classic dime piece. Tres elegant, Thomas. Way to step up your game. It just keeps getting better and better. A woman who deserves a room like that must be one in a million????????????????”

Another person commented that he and his wife saw Thomas with a “classically beautiful woman.”


“johnjuliencurry: @hhrobb @linton4ever@stylewalk1 I echo what @c3techconf wrote. My loud mouthed wife shouted something rude out the window on his way to dinner with his new love. Major points to her and for him for not plastering her picture all over social media. IMHO, she looked like the kind of classically beautiful woman who could attract whatever Man she fancied. By the looks of it, she loves Thomas just the way he is and he looked so smitten. I usually don’t notice these things but it was evident to anyone who crossed their path. They gave me hope for Thomas and those children. If you want to be a gentleman, you need a lady do hip hip hooray for you finding herz????????????????????????????????????????”

During Watch What Happens Live, Thomas said more than once that he’s single. When a viewer asked him whether he’s dating anyone and how the relationship with Kathryn Thomas is now, Thomas said that he’s “not at present dating anybody seriously.” As for his relationship with Kathryn, Thomas said that it’s a lot better than what it used to be, explaining that they’re civil to one another and communicate regularly without any animosity.

So since his relationship with Kathryn is much better now, and Ravenel, at according to him, is not dating anybody seriously at the moment, does that mean that he sees a romantic future with Kathryn? After all, viewers saw Thomas and Kathryn flirt with and hug one another on the Southern Charm Season 4 finale episode. Thomas even commented in one confessional interview that he sees a possibility with Kathryn, and she’s a hard woman to resist.

On Watch What Happens Live, in response to another viewer who asked Thomas Ravenel if he would ever marry Kathryn Dennis, he said that he doesn’t think so, mentioning all of their past animosities and great age difference. He joked about how much money he’ll have to spend in his lifetime if he were to be with Kathryn long-term. Thomas also did admit to Andy Cohen that there is still chemistry with Kathryn that’s “undeniable” and “unstoppable.” Thomas also pretty much admitted that he and Kathryn did kiss when they met in his living room.

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