‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Michael Muhney Confirms Return, Tweets Then Deletes – Is CBS Censoring?

Young and the Restless spoilers have teased for quite a while that Adam Newman might be coming back with Michael Muhney in the role. Many fans have clamored for Muhney’s return almost since he left, and lately, it seems the actor has been fanning the flames of fan adoration. But his latest tweet, posted yesterday, seemed to confirm outright that he’s coming back to Y&R. Is Muhney telling fans the truth, what they want to hear, or just teasing them? See what the tweet said and decide for yourself.

Did Y&R auditions fail to find a new Adam?

Jamey Giddens leaked on Daytime Confidential’s podcast a couple of months ago that there were recast auditions going on for the role of Adam Newman. Some actors also posted pics of themselves at the CBS Daytime Studios reading for roles. But then the audition news got muddied when some sites began speculating that they might be auditions for the role of Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton).

That news got more complicated when TV Guide leaked news that Steve Burton is coming back to soaps. The same time credible sources confirmed Steve’s return to daytime, with no details on whether he was going to Y&R or General Hospital, Michael Muhney jumped onto Twitter and dropped a bomb of his own that seems to 100 percent confirm his return to The Young and the Restless.

Michael Muhney at CBS event
Michael Muhney tweeted again on Y&R return [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

All these leaks and rumors leave fans wondering if Y&R executive producer Mal Young held auditions for a new Adam Newman after Justin Hartley’s exit or if that was another role he was casting and he planned all along to bring back fan-favorite Michael Muhney.

In reply to a fan asking for a timeline on his Young and the Restless return, Muhney tweeted on Monday, June 26, “Tell her to be patient. It’ll be worth the wait. At least I hope so!”


You can see the tweet above that Muhney replied to, but he later deleted his response. She asked about a timeline on the return to YR, not to TV in general. There is more in her feed on this. However, a day later, Muhney pulled his tweeted reply down, but not before Daytime Royalty archived it so you can still read it on their website.

But the fact that Muhney deleted the tweet from his timeline is very interesting and informative. If Muhney is coming back to Y&R, he has to follow their directions on what he can and cannot post on social media. Why would Muhney drop a tweet that enticing and then delete it unless he was told to by the powers that be at The Young and the Restless? If Mal Young is bringing Adam Newman back, surely he would want to pull off a huge surprise like The Bold and the Beautiful did with the return of Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown).

Muhney seemingly confirms Y&R return, but can we believe it?

Ever since Justin Hartley abandoned his Young and the Restless role of Adam Newman in a fiery explosion that left no body, Y&R fans have wondered if Michael Muhney might come back as a recast. There have been petitions, a cavalcade of tweets from fans to EP Mal Young encouraging him to bring back Muhney, and now this tweet from the actor that seems to confirm he is coming back to Y&R. It sounds like Muhney is saying yes, he’s coming back, but not for a while longer.

In addition to the tweet saying “it’ll be worth the wait,” Muhney tweeted a couple of hours later to a fan asking, “What are the chances we will see you back on tv before 2017 ends?” with the response, “I hope it’s pretty likely.”

It seems the evidence is piling up that Muhney is not only coming back but that The Young and the Restless gave him permission to get fans excited about his return. In the latest ratings report from Soap Opera Network, Y&R hit a new low and is down more than 110,000 viewers from this time last year. Other recent reports have the soap down almost half a million viewers during some weeks compared to last year. Muhney might bring those numbers back up if Mal Young is bringing him back as Adam Newman.


Did Eric Braeden sign off on Muhney’s return?

One area of concern when discussing a chance of Michael Muhney coming back to The Young and the Restless is whether he and his TV dad, Eric Braeden, can get along. Braeden tore Muhney apart in his recent memoir, and there seemed to be no love lost there. Plus, when Muhney worked on Y&R before, the two fought and even had shouting matches. Since leaving, Muhney acknowledged he was in the wrong and apologized. Then on June 1, Eric Braeden tweeted to a fan asking them to be patient about Adam’s return and tagged Michael Muhney in the tweet, which sent fans into hyperdrive. Perhaps peace was made between the two actors.


If Mal Young is bringing back Michael Muhney, and all signs now seem to point to this long-running rumor becoming fact, it’s a great time to do so. With Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) cozied up to his brother Nick (Joshua Morrow) and baby Christian clueless that his daddy is a fake, Adam’s return would be explosive. Let’s hope that Muhney was offering fans a legitimate Young and The Restless spoiler with that tweet and isn’t just toying with their emotions.


Are you ready for Adam Newman to return to Y&R? Do you want it to be Michael Muhney or a new actor? More to come as this develops from the latest Young and the Restless spoilers.

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