‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Will Nicole Sign Lizzie’s Adoption Papers? Quinn Confronts Sheila


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that more flirting and legal battle for child custody is coming up this week. Lizzie’s adoption is causing a big stir and almost tearing up the Avant family while RJ and Coco have made their relationship official.

Lizzie’s Custody Issue

Nicole is in agony as the custody situation gets more complicated by the day. In an effort to help ease her burden, Julius Avant will step in and have a sincere talk with his daughter.

He will ask Nicole if she already signed the adoption papers. After answering in the negative, the Avant patriarch will be totally honest with his daughter and tell her that he wishes she will never consider doing so.

Bold and the Beautiful spoiler tease that Julius will explain to Nicole that she is Lizzie’s real mother, and that fact alone is an indication they should be together. Although Nicole is listening very attentively to what her father is saying, she is uncertain if she should follow his advice.

What is making her think twice is that she knows that Maya and Rick will be shattered if she decided to take Lizzie back. On the other hand, she really loves her biological daughter and wants her to stay with her even more because there is a chance she is infertile now and will never be able to bear a child ever again.


For Nicole, whatever decision she makes regarding Lizzie’s custody, the result will be the same — it will be tragic and painful no matter what.

RJ and Coco

The upcoming Bold and the Beautiful episode will also spotlight the budding romance between RJ and Coco. Soap Shows reveal that the pair decided to let everyone know that they are now officially a couple. They announced their dating status via social media.

Everything is going well so far, but the teen couple may soon face troubles. The issue could be something related to Ridge, since he may not approved of his son’s romance with a lady coming from Spectra. Allowing the young couple to be together means losing another son to the Forresters’ rival, the Spectra clan.


Sheila and Quinn

Quinn arrives home to find Sheila by the fountain. Quinn told her that she is not welcome, so she should not come to her house, especially if it is unannounced. Sheila responded by saying that she must be feeling intimated, but Quinn quickly shot back that she is not.

Quinn then held Sheila’s arm to lead her out of the yard, but the gesture infuriates the latter. Sheila told Quinn that if she ever touches her again, she will break her in two and walks away while giving Eric’s wife a threatening look.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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