‘Clash Of Clans’: Supercell Changes Builder Hall 6 Update After Uproar Over Demo Tests

Supercell is making changes to the Clash of Clans Builder Hall 6 update. According to iTech Post, the changes were made after players reacted to the demo trials of the game. In addition, Supercell also felt the need to adjust the power levels of the new units as it seemed to make the game too offense-heavy.

Originally, Supercell announced that there will be an additional Army Camp in the Builder 6 update. However, the latest news reveals that as mentioned before, this will make it too offense-heavy. Supercell admitted that the new units need additional balancing.

In addition, the Night Witch will be nerfed, and not buffed as originally announced. Her original base HP will be reduced to 200, and the bat swarm she releases when she dies would be reduced to a maximum of six instead of the original eight bats. While in play, her bat spawns will also get a new maximum number of bats. Each level could get two additional bats, including the number she spawns with (two, three, or four bats depending on her level). Now she can have three, four, or five bats maximum.

Moreover, the Battle Machine’s stats will also be reduced. From HP growth levels six to ten, it will be reduced from two percent to 1.5 percent per level. Meanwhile, for levels 10 and above, the reduction is from two percent to 1 percent per level.


Another concern that players raised is the Clock Tower changes in the upcoming balancing update. According to PVP Live, Clash of Clans players feel that Supercell is taking away the benefit from players with the duration reduced to half, and the speed-up multiplier being reduced.

Meanwhile, Darian Vorlick, Helsinki community manager, and Jumpei Oki, Japan community manager offered a tip on how to defend against the Night Witch and its swarm of bats. In a demo, the Roaster would be a good defense as it has splash damage and also inflicts 16 damage points per shot. It is also effective against air and ground units, so that should cover an attack from the Night Witch.

More details about the Clash of Clans Builder Hall 6 update can be found on their website. As the new update rolls out, players can also join the Builder Base Invitational Tournament on July 1 at 3 p.m. GMT.

[Featured Image by Supercell]