Indian PM Modi Hugs ‘Germaphobe’ President Trump About 3 Times And Pulls Trump’s Hand After Handshake [Video]

President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi apparently got along pretty well as the duo held a joint statement in the Rose Garden of the White House on Monday, June 26.

President Trump and Prime Minister Modi were photographed and caught on video hugging at least three times, as noted by the below tweet from Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House Correspondent. The third hug took place after President and Melania Trump had dinner with PM Modi.

Melania gained attention in a yellow gown from Emilio Pucci that at $2,160, is still selling out, as reported by the Inquisitr. While Melania gained buzz for her dress, President Trump and PM Modi are the subjects of a variety of theories about the multiple hugs. President Trump has called hand-shaking barbaric and called himself a germaphobe, as reported by the Washington Post.

Therefore, whilst Trump and Modi met in the Oval Office to talk about a variety of issues, Twitter was busy analyzing Modi’s hugs, and whether or not they were genuine, or hugs that were given just to mess with the president. As seen in the below video of the hug, Modi goes for the hug, seemingly surprising President Trump, who went for a handshake. Then after the hug, Modi grabbed President Trump’s hand briefly, as if to pull Mr. Trump toward him again.


Twitter is reacting in a myriad of ways to the #TrumpModiHuggate. Some viewers claim they saw President Trump almost grimace as Modi hugged him again and again. Others say that Modi won the handshake and hug exchange. Searching for “hug Trump” on Twitter brings a variety of replies, with some people wondering aloud on their timelines why Trump appeared to give a cold reaction to Modi’s overzealous hug.


Those who empathize with President Trump’s reaction to the hugs claim PM Modi gave Mr. Trump a forcible hug.

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Plenty of those writing about the hug between Modi and Trump are calling it an awkward one, even if it isn’t certain which of the three hugs between Modi and Trump they felt might have been awkward.

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One thing is for certain, Modi’s hugs with Mr. Trump have gotten attention.

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