Soaps Shocker: Steve Burton Returns To Daytime – But Which Soap Will It Be?

New soap spoilers have broken loose this evening, and soap social media is exploding. On the Daytime Confidential podcast earlier today on Monday, June 26, Jamey Giddens and the other hosts discussed some big news that would blow up the soap sphere and send fans buzzing. When pressed about the secret, Jamey commented back to fans via the Daytime Confidential site saying, “It will be such a mess, once revealed, I may go back into hibernation.”

Jamey Giddens Spills Some More Tea on Soap Shifts

After the Daytime Confidential podcast #863, “I’m Not a Lawyer, I Just Play One on a Podcast,” speculation ran rife about what the big news was. Rumors have been running rampant for weeks about casting, recasts, head writer changes and big shifts at all four soaps. For weeks, there have been rumors of Adam Newman recasts at The Young and The Restless and news about what Ron Carlivati is up at over at Days of Our Lives resurrecting characters.

People ran amok with outrageous guesses about the big news to come on Jamey’s Twitter feed prompting him to post the pic above predicting an eruption of fan reactions by the end of the week. With seven hours of guesses pouring out on soap Twitter, TV Guide‘s Michael Logan decided to go ahead and spill the big news with no further pretense. Logan tweeted, “Well if nobody else will say it, I will. It’s Steve Burton.”

Steve Burton Returns to Soaps!

Between Michael Logan and Jamey Giddens, that’s two trusted sources of juicy (and very accurate) spoilers on soaps. Jamey replied back to Logan’s tweet with “Bwaaaaaa!” and a smiley face. While Jamey seemed to be holding back until official word broke, TV Guide‘s Logan apparently had no such reluctance. This seems a sure sign that Steve Burton is back to soaps, but which soap?

Will Steve go back to The Young and the Restless?

With Steve Burton’s Dylan McAvoy not too far gone out of Genoa City, he could come back to stir up trouble for his ex-wife Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). Sharon is a new romance with Scott Grainger (Daniel Hall) and was proudly showing off her divorce papers before bedding her new man. It would be a big coup for Mal Young to lure Steve back to Genoa City and since Dylan left town alive, at least they won’t have to explain a resurrection.

Could Steve head over to The Bold and the Beautiful?

No, Steve Burton wasn’t ever on the other CBS soap, but you never know. Maybe Steve made friends across the hall while shooting on the CBS Daytime lot. This seems the least likely of the four soaps given that B&B keeps a fairly small cast and they don’t need to add anyone to it given how jam packed their 30-minute time slot already is with great stories. Plus, they just resurrected Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), so Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t need another shocker right now.

Would Steve Burton go to Days of Our Lives?

Since Ron Carlivati took the reigns as DOOL‘s head writer, he has been making big changes to cast, storylines, and more. It will be another few weeks until we finally see Ron’s work on the NBC soap, but this could be a casting coup that Ron has sprung on fans to try and score big in ratings. Ron’s arrival as head writer is probably the last hurrah and if ratings don’t come up, Days of Our Lives might hit the cancellation bin. Bringing Steve Burton to Salem could cause a ratings boom, so it’s possible that’s where the actor is going.

Will Steve head back to GH?

There have been rumblings of auditions over at ABC’s Prospect Studios, but those seemed to be for a recast. It would be a huge shocker if Steve Burton came back to General Hospital since Billy Miller is playing Jason Morgan, the role Steve left years ago. There have been some whispers of real Jason versus fake Jason and Billy’s character being an imposter who returns to his old moniker “Jake Doe.” If Frank Valentini was able to lure Steve Burton back for a tale of two Jasons, it would be a big deal and could pull up the lagging GH ratings that are so low many fans are worried about cancellation.

Where will Steve Burton land in the soap world?

With two trustworthy sources whispering about Steve Burton’s return to soaps, it seems very likely that official word will break soon on his comeback. Steve made a big deal that he was retiring from soaps and moving to Nashville where he co-owns a restaurant with his old GH pal Jonathan Jackson (GH‘s Lucky Spencer) but that might have all been part of a six-month break from soaps required as part of his termination agreement with Y&R.

Steve claimed he was stepping back from acting to focus on his new business ventures, Burton Nutrition, and an acting coach service with another old GH pal. But with this news, every possibility is open! Will you watch Steve Burton in his daytime return? To which soap do you hope he’s headed? Would you like to see Steve back as Jason on General Hospital? Or back as Dylan McAvoy on The Young and The Restless? Or are you hoping Burton will get an all-new role to help save Days of Our Lives?

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]