Twitter Reacts After Ivanka Trump Says She Tries ‘To Stay Out Of Politics’

Ivanka Trump said in a Fox and Friends interview Monday morning that she tries “to stay out of politics” when asked a specific question about her role in the White House as the her father’s special assistant. She answered several questions that many are reacting to, but perhaps her most surprising comment was when she painted a different picture of her role in Washington, D.C.

News of the first daughter’s interview is hitting Twitter and many are reacting to Ivanka Trump’s answer about how she handles the president’s impulsive Twitter habits. Her reply took many aback when she claimed to back off from the political aspect of her job, which understandably received a surprising response.

One Twitter user wrote that Ivanka “should go home” and let her husband, Jared Kushner, take care of her. Someone else wrote “boy talk about having your cake and eating it, too.” One joked that her role in Washington, D.C. must be “finishing school for the rich and clueless.” Another commented that being a special assistant to the President of the United States “requires one to be political.”

An overwhelming amount of the reactions are full of “What?!” and a confused, “She works in the White House!” Many more commented on her business dealings and what her brand is getting out of her serving a public role in Washington, D.C.

Ivanka Trump Tries To Stay Out Of Politics And Twitter Reacts
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Ivanka Trump may not have wanted to offer her candid opinion of her father’s tweet. She shared in Fox and Friends interview that she and her father don’t always “100 percent agree” on all of the issues they discuss.

There was just as much confusion when Ivanka said she’d give her father an “A” for his job in office so far, calling his political instincts “phenomenal.”

One user wrote that it was a “stupid question” to ask Donald Trump’s daughter. Others said it was ridiculous to expect Ivanka Trump to say anything otherwise, and a few asserted that “the rest of the country gives him an F.”

A user wonders what an F-grade performance by Trump would look like to Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump Gives Dad An A And Twitter Reacts
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Ivanka Trump may have tried to avoid being completely honest in her answer by saying she tries to stay away from politics when her father tweets unsavory messages, something his advisers strongly urge against. In giving the response she did on Fox and Friends, she basically provided a non-answer.

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