Chilling ‘Ghost’ In Mirror Video Goes Viral With 4 Million Views — But Is The Creepy Image Real Or Fake?

A chilling video from a Facebook group specializing in reports of the paranormal has gone massively viral, with the Facebook page showing a staggering 4.4 million views — but is the creepy video the real thing, or just another fake video purporting to reveal the existence of a “ghost,” or in fact is just a clever technological trick?

As seen below on this page, the grainy, black-and-white video appears to have been shot by a security camera in a dance studio — though the location of the studio is unknown. As is typical of such studio spaces, the walls are covered with floor-to-ceiling mirrors allowing dancers to observe their movements and make and necessary corrections. The eerie video contains a time stamp that indicates that it was shot in 2010 — but the video was posted on Facebook on April 9 of this year.

The video appeared in the Facebook group, Ghost, Paranormal And Other Weird Worlds. The group posts numerous photos and videos purporting to show ghosts and other paranormal phenomena — but at least in recent months no post has received the overwhelming response of the “dance studio” video, which in addition to its more than 4 million views, has also accumulated 8,000 comments and 28,000 “reactions.”

View the bizarre video below — and watch closely starting at about the 50-second mark.

Here’s what happens — or appears to happen. After the first 50 seconds showing an unidentified, black-clad young woman practicing dance moves in front of one of the studio’s large mirrors, the dancer decides to take a break. That’s when, as she sits on the floor to rest with her back to one of the mirrors, her reflection takes on a life of its own.

As the woman sits, the reflection — as expected — seems to sit with its back to the “real” woman. But suddenly, the “reflection” turns its head to look back over its shoulder at the young woman, who remains utterly oblivious.

Chilling 'Ghost' In Mirror Video Goes Viral With 4 Million Shares — But Is The Creepy Image Real Or Fake?
The image in the mirror in this frame from the creepy "ghost" video appears normal, with its back to the actual woman sitting on the floor. (Image By Facebook Ghost, Paranormal And Other Weird Worlds)

But the weirdness doesn’t stop there. As the dancer continues to sit on the floor, never trying around to notice the horrid behind her, the “reflection” rises to its feet — staring at the dancer who never perceives the weirdness behind her. But is the video the real thing, depicting a blood-curdling paranormal event? Or is it just a clever special effect?

Chilling 'Ghost' In Mirror Video Goes Viral With 4 Million Shares — But Is The Creepy Image Real Or Fake?
The image in the mirror has now risen too its feet, facing the real dancer, who looks away. (Image By Facebook Ghost, Paranormal And Other Weird Worlds)

“I watched it two more times. I did not once see a break in the feed. It was edited to speed up to that moment. The growling was messed up enough,” said one commenter on the video, jumping into the raging online debate over the strange video. “I believe it was real. I think if it were fake, the reflection closest to her would of moved and not one you can barely see. I said this once and i will say it again: just because you don’t believe in the paranormal doesn’t mean it doesn’t believe in you. There are things out there that nobody can explain.”

But needless to say, not everyone was convinced.

“Looks fake because throughout the entire video you can barely see that reflection, only when she stop dancing was the reflection shown,” said another. “Obviously this would’ve been harder to fake if the other person had to mimic her moves.”

The origins of the video have yet to be revealed.

[Featured Image by Marcin Sylwia Ciesielski/Shutterstock]