Ryan Seacrest Quitting ‘Live’? Reliable Source Deems It ‘Fake News’

Ryan Seacrest has been hosting Live with Kelly Ripa for only a few months, and in all that time, talk about his job with American Idol has taken center stage. Will he be able to last long term with Live in New York City while working on American Idol in Los Angeles? In addition to the speculations revolving around that, there’s his $15 million salary and how it ranks with Katy Perry’s $25 million salary to appear as a judge.

A source described as being close to Ryan Seacrest tells Radar Online that he’s “not sure” he wants to remain on Live anymore. The insider hastened to say that the 42-year-old will “stick out his contract,” but that New York City just doesn’t feel like home and he “really misses L.A.”

The source continues that Seacrest was so incensed that Katy Perry was offered so much more money than him, he almost turned his back on American Idol. In the end, he elected to remain part of the franchise he’s practically synonymous with. Veteran Idol judge Simon Cowell hasn’t decided on whether to sign on with a new season of Idol, either, but if ABC can nab him, the source says Ryan Seacrest “may be out.”

However, Gossip Cop corrected the report by Radar Online, stating that the article was “fake news” on both counts regarding Seacrest supposedly quitting Live and being “out” if Simon Cowell doesn’t return. They’re both considered “non-issues.” Seacrest has no plans of leaving Live and will remain as Kelly Ripa’s co-host.

On Monday, Ryan Seacrest hosted Live for the first time without Kelly Ripa. Entertainment Tonight reports that he was joined by guest co-hosts 50 Cent and Marisa Tomei. Kelly Ripa was on vacation in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and children.

A few days ago, Ryan made headlines over a different matter concerning American Idol that had nothing to do with co-hosting Live. TMZ reported that Seacrest wanted something else from Idol producers — a title. Sources at Fremantle and Core claimed that Seacrest is requesting an executive producer credit. Fremantle is hesitant on the request and hasn’t budged. It remains to be seen if Ryan Seacrest would be willing to take on the daily tasks of producing the show, which would be hard to envision since he has a full plate as it is between hosting Live and working on Idol.

The American Idol reboot is still in the planning stages, with producers interested in Lionel Richie as a judge. However, they are reportedly unwilling to sign anyone else up until they finalize everything with Ryan Seacrest.

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]