Cameran Eubanks Puppet Master On Bravo Show? Fans Speculate That She’s Ruining People’s Lives

Cameran Eubanks has been on Southern Charm since the very beginning, and despite being conflicted about her motherhood role, she seems to be one of the more reasonable and responsible people on the show. She’s working as a real estate agent, and while selling houses in Charleston, she’s trying to keep everyone going. Cameran has been pushing Craig Conover to finish his law degree, and she’s been trying to get Shep Rose to stop partying. While Eubanks may have time to help her Southern Charm co-stars these days, she may not have the time once her baby arrives.

That may be a good thing for some viewers, as one person pointed out that she seems to control everything. According to a new Instagram post shared by Shep Rose, one fan shared her opinion about Cameran Eubanks. This fan seemed to think that Eubanks is the puppet master for everyone on the show. Sure, she’s responsible, she tries to get people to start a career, she wants Shep to get on the right path and drop the drinking, and she is keeping her distance from Kathryn Dennis. Now that she’s about to become a mother herself, Eubanks may want to protect her baby from the drama on Southern Charm.

It is an interesting theory that this fan is suggesting. Many would probably argue that Cameran Eubanks is the voice of reason on Southern Charm, as she’s constantly trying to help her co-stars. But one fan sees her behavior as meddling and somehow connects Cameran to the devil because she listened to a psychic about getting pregnant.

“Cameron is wreaking havoc on your lives, with those demon possessed dolls. U people don’t know what U are messing with. First a voodoo doll…then a psychic? Psychics are just people with spirit guide demons. Have none of U been to a church?” the viewer wrote on Shep’s Instagram post.

One can imagine that her Southern Charm co-stars don’t feel the same way about her. They may be appreciative of her meddling, as she wants the best for them. Also, they all seem very excited about her becoming a mother. She would be the first of the official cast members to welcome a baby into the group.

What do you think of Cameran Eubanks being criticized by a fan of Southern Charm? Do you see her as a puppet master, who meddles in her co-stars’ lives?

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]