Bill Cosby Juror Details Emotions During Trial, Says He was Swayed By Arguments, But Lacked Hard Evidence

It has been over a week now since the Bill Cosby sexual assault case was declared a mistrial by Judge Steven O’Neill. The jury, consisting of seven men and five women, could not come up with a unanimous decision regarding the comedian’s fate. This is the first time that one of those jurors has been in the spotlight to describe their experience in the courtroom, and their intense deliberations that resulted in tears and frustration.

Bobby Dugan, 21, sat down with Good Morning America on Monday to speak out on what went down during the 52 hours of trying to come up a verdict. He described it as agonizing and intense. He said that many tears were shed. At one of the most intense moments of deliberations, four people were crying at the same time, and one other person was pacing in the hallway.

This high-profile trial brought out the raw emotions from the jurors, not to mention everyone who watched the comedic actor as Cliff Huxtable, the loving and caring dad on The Cosby Show. Dugan mentioned that he considered himself a fan. He admitted that he at first did not think that the 79-year-old entertainer was guilty of the charges, but after hearing the arguments and opinions from others, he was swayed to believe that Bill Cosby is guilty.

The juror is regretting that a final decision couldn’t be made in the end. He said that this whole thing could have been all done with. The frustration seemed to be evident in his fellow juror’s reactions.

“We couldn’t really get anything down to like a solid thing and that just frustrated people.”

Andrea Constand [Image by Lucas Jackson-Pool/Getty Images]

Dugan believes that despite the arguments, and Andrea Constand testifying that she was given a drug to immobilize her during the sexual assault, he believes that the lack of strong evidence played a huge part in having a mistrial. He also quipped that there might have been a verdict had it not been for who was on trial in the first place. The fact that it was Bill Cosby who was accused of sexual assault may have also swayed others towards a mistrial.


The young man said in the interview that it was the accuser’s word against a high-profile celebrity. That may have played a huge part in whether Bill Cosby would be convicted of his alleged crimes.

“It was all he said, she said, and what it really comes down to is who are you going to believe more and that was all it was.”

Bill Cosby trial
Bill Cosby trial [Image by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)

More jurors may eventually come forward to speak out on what happened in the deliberation room. Bobby Dugan said that he and the others are like family after spending so much time together in one small room. They are all individually taking some time to recover from the difficult experience, but they are planning on a reunion dinner sometime in the future.

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