Cameran Eubanks Spends Time With Her Husband After Filming The ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion In NYC

Cameran Eubanks traveled to New York City last week to film the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion and after arriving home in Charleston, she enjoyed a couple of dinner dates with her husband and their friends.

Throughout the past several days, the pregnant reality star has shared a ton of photos from her trip to New York City, some of which featured her co-stars, including Shep Rose, and others that showed off her baby bump.

After posting a couple of photos from the set of the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion, Cameran Eubanks shared a photo from a date night with Wimberly and another male.

“I ordered 4 appetizers for dinner and am now having MiraLax for a night cap. Please no comments on my pinky toe. I know,” she wrote in the caption of the photo, which was taken at the Anson Restaurant in Charleston.

In her Instagram photo, Cameran Eubanks was seen hiding her baby bump in a flowing pink floral gown as she propped her designer purse on her hip.

Along with a second photo of her husband and her Southern Charm co-star Patricia Altschul, Cameran Eubanks again did her best to disguise her growing baby bump in a loose-fitting gown. In the caption, she told her fans and followers on Instagram that Wimberly and Altschul were two of her favorite people.

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Cameran Eubanks and Jason Wimberly spent tons of time together after Eubanks returned home from New York City. That said, Wimberly may have been along for the trip. Either way, it’s safe to say that Wimberly was not a part of filming on the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion.

Although Eubanks and Wimberly have been married for three years, Wimberly has never been seen on the show and doesn’t have any interest in joining the cast.

During an interview with Bravo TV earlier this year, Cameran Eubanks told The Daily Dish that her husband is normal and has no desire to be famous.

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To see more of Cameran Eubanks and her co-stars, including Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose, Craig Conover, and Landon Clements, don’t miss new episodes of Southern Charm Season 4 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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