George Soros Funded Human Rights Watch Turns Their Back On Genocide

Commentary | It is truly hard to fathom how any human rights organization could engage in an internal debate about whether or not the behavior of Iran toward the nation of Israel constitutes a human rights violation. Yet unbelievably, this is exactly what is going on behind the scenes at George Soros funded Human Rights Watch.

According to a scathing article by David Feith in the respected Wall Street Journal, Mr. Sid Sheinberg, Vice Chairman of Human Rights Watch, sent a stunning email recently to colleagues. In the email, Mr. Sheinberg makes a powerful observation about the conduct of his organization:

“Sitting still while Iran claims a ‘justification to kill all Jews and annihilate Israel’ . . . is a position unworthy of our great organization.”

Apparently, Executive Director Kenneth Roth is in total disagreement with his erstwhile Vice Chairman. Roth has even tried to discount the threats of genocide against Israel on the grounds of a mis-translation of the “wipe Israel off the map.” threat uttered by Ahmadinejad.

In his column for the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Feith soundly thrashed the equivocating Chairman:

“There was a real question as to whether he actually said that,” Mr. Roth told The New Republic, because the Persian language lacks an idiom for wiping off the map. Then again, Mr. Ahmadinejad’s own English-language website translated his words that way, and the main alternative translation—”eliminated from the pages of history”—is no more benign. Nor is Mr. Ahmadinejad an outlier in the regime. Iran’s top military officer declared earlier this year that “the Iranian nation is standing for its cause that is the full annihilation of Israel. Mr. Roth’s main claim is legalistic: Iran’s rhetoric doesn’t qualify as “incitement”—which is illegal under the United Nations Genocide Convention of 1948—but amounts merely to “advocacy,” which is legal.”

Chairman Roth, a master of equivocation, attempted to deflect the discussion by applying one of the most obtuse arguments of semantics as ever put forth in the arena of public opinion.

“The theory” to which Human Rights Watch subscribes is that in the case of advocacy, however hateful, there is time to dissuade—to rebut speech with speech—whereas in the case of incitement, the action being urged is so imminently connected to the speech in question that there is no time to dissuade. Incitement must be suppressed because it is tantamount to action. Many of [Iran’s] statements are certainly reprehensible, but they are not incitement to genocide. No one has acted on them.”

Saner individuals might inform Mr. Roth that Iran is building an atomic weapon and has repeatedly said it will use it to wipe Israel off the map. They have openly offered to fund and support any organization that is willing to fight against Israel. They have supplied rockets to Hamas and armed Hezbollah to the teeth. Hamas has used Iranian personnel to build missiles and train the terrorists that have fired 12,000 missiles at Israeli civilians in the last decade. If the hostile actions of Iran combined with years of threats against the state of Israel is not an attempt to slowly bleed the Jewish State to death in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of the genocide, than Adolph Hitler was Santa Claus in disguise.

One can only wonder why the rich, successful Jewish men running this organization are so unwilling to defend Israel? We have seen the hostile conduct of the liberal elite toward Israel in recent years. For decades, American Jews were the strongest allies of Israel on the planet but since the turn of the 21st century, the distance has grown. The new generation of Jewish Americans is secular, extremely progressive and highly supportive of the policies of Obama Democrats. It is as if 2000 years of exile and persecution never happened and someone mysteriously dropped 5.5 million heavily armed Jewish invaders out of airplanes on a thriving nation of Palestine sixty four years ago.

There is only one problem with the liberal criticism of Israel. The nation of Israel has existed for 3700 years and Jews have maintained a continuous presence in Israel for 3700 years. There has never been a nation of Palestine in all of human history and the nation of Israel was officially re-established by the United Nations and approved by the Security Council in 1948..

The so -called Palestinians, who are of Arab descent, were offered a nation of their own in 1948, in addition to the newly created Arab nations of Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and they turned it down and invaded Israel. The invading Arab armies openly declared their intention to “finish what Hitler started” but thankfully Israel prevailed and the nation has prospered and grown into the only Democracy in the Middle East.

The dispute between Israel and the Arab world has nothing to do with land or politcs. It is a relgious war being waged by Islam against the Jewish people,. In the words of the Hamas Charter, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” If that isnt a call for genocide, how about the words of the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, who so sweetly voiced his affection for Israel and the Jewish people:

“If all the Jews gathered in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. . . . It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of the last Jew on earth.”

We will not speculate on the motivations of Mr. Soros. His lack of affection for Israel, religion in general, and the Jewish religion in particular, is quite well documented. The criticism of Mr. Roth over his bias against Israel runs so deep that the beloved founder of Human Rights Watch, Robert Bernstein, told the Jerusalem Post that like Judge Goldstone, who admitted his controversial UN Report accusing Israel of war crimes was wrong and apologized, “it is time for him (Roth) to follow Judge Goldstone’s example and issue his own mea culpa.”

The Wall Street Journal contacted Mr. Roth and asked him to comment on the claims in David Feith’s article:

“Mr. Roth, when asked to comment for this article, said that a Human Rights Watch committee may review Iran’s rhetoric, but in his view Tehran isn’t inciting genocide and claims to the contrary are “part of an effort to beat the war drums against Iran.” In other words, Tehran will continue to call for Israel’s obliteration—and Human Rights Watch will continue to sit back and watch.”

Mr. Roth has only succeed in casting serious doubts on the impartiality and values of his once respected organization. For the sake of the noble cause of human rights, the time has come for Mr. Roth to resign. To cling to his position and fail to defend Israel against the threats of genocide by Iran and its allies is an immoral and untenable position. Resignation is the only solution.